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Shakespeare Identified

Book cover
By: (1870-1944)

In Shakespeare Identified, J. Thomas Looney presents a compelling argument that challenges the traditional attribution of Shakespeare's works. Looney meticulously pieces together evidence to support his theory that Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, was the true author behind the iconic plays and poems attributed to Shakespeare.

Throughout the book, Looney offers a detailed analysis of de Vere's life and connections to the literary world of Elizabethan England, highlighting similarities between the Earl's personal experiences and the themes present in Shakespeare's works. By examining historical records and literary references, Looney constructs a convincing case that sheds new light on the authorship debate surrounding Shakespeare's canon.

While Looney's theory goes against the conventional understanding of Shakespearean authorship, his thorough research and well-documented arguments make a strong case for considering de Vere as a viable candidate. Shakespeare Identified is a thought-provoking read for anyone interested in delving into the mysteries of Shakespeare's identity and the enduring legacy of his works.

Book Description:
That one who is not a recognized authority or an expert in literature should attempt the solution of a problem which has so far baffled specialists must doubtless appear to many as a glaring act of over- boldness; whilst to pretend to have actually solved this most momentous of literary puzzles will seem to some like sheer hallucination.

What I have to propose, however, is not an accidental discovery, but one resulting from a systematic search. And it is to the nature of the method, combined with a happy inspiration and a fortunate chance, that the results here described were reached.

These convinced me that the opponents of the orthodox view had made good their case to this extent, that there was no sufficient evidence that the man William Shakspere had written the works with which he was credited, whilst there was a very strong prima facie presumption that he had not. Everything seemed to point to his being but a mask, behind which some great genius, for inscrutable reasons, had elected to work out his own destiny.

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