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The Brotherhood of the Seven Kings

The Brotherhood of the Seven Kings by L. T. Meade
By: (1854-1914)

The Brotherhood of the Seven Kings is a thrilling mystery novel that follows the adventures of a group of detectives as they uncover a sinister secret society known as the Seven Kings. The characters are well-developed and engaging, and the plot is full of suspense and unexpected twists. The author does an excellent job of building tension and keeping the reader hooked until the very end.

I particularly enjoyed the historical elements of the story, as it is set in London during the late 19th century. The attention to detail in describing the setting and the social customs of the time really brought the story to life for me. The pacing of the plot is also well-executed, with a good balance between action-packed scenes and slower moments of investigation and deduction.

Overall, The Brotherhood of the Seven Kings is a fantastic read for fans of mystery and historical fiction. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a captivating and suspenseful novel that will keep them guessing until the final page.

Book Description:

“That a secret society, based upon the lines of similar institutions so notorious on the Continent during the last century, could ever have existed in the London of our day may seem impossible. Such a society, however, not only did exist, but through the instrumentality of a woman of unparalleled capacity and genius, obtained a firm footing. A century ago the Brotherhood of the Seven Kings was a name hardly whispered without horror and fear in Italy, and now, by the fascinations and influence of one woman, it began to accomplish fresh deeds of unparalleled daring and subtlety in London. By the wide extent of its scientific resources, and the impregnable secrecy of its organisations, it threatened to become a formidable menace to society, as well as a source of serious anxiety to the authorities of the law.” (Excerpt from The Brotherhood of the Seven Kings)

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Reviews (Rated: 3 Stars - 1 review)

Reviewer: - March 8, 2015
Subject: The Brotherhood of the Seven Kings
A good story with an occasionly frustrating main character, well narrated apart from the attempt at foreign accents.

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