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Creeds of Christendom

Book cover

Creeds of Christendom is a comprehensive collection of the most significant Christian church creeds and confessions throughout history. The book provides an in-depth look at the beliefs and doctrines that have shaped the Christian faith over the centuries.

The variety of creeds included in this book offers readers a broad understanding of the diverse theological perspectives within Christianity. From ancient creeds like the Nicene Creed to more modern confessions like the Westminster Confession of Faith, the book covers a wide range of beliefs held by different Christian denominations.

The introductions to each creed provide helpful historical context and background information, making the text accessible to readers of all levels of familiarity with Christian theology. The book is well-organized and easy to navigate, with each creed presented in a clear, concise manner.

Overall, Creeds of Christendom is a valuable resource for anyone interested in studying the historical development of Christian doctrine. Whether you are a student of theology or simply curious about the beliefs of different Christian traditions, this book offers a wealth of information and insight into the diverse creeds that have shaped the Christian faith.

Book Description:
This is based on Philip Schaff's Creeds of Christendom taking only the creeds that he selected, using the translations he supplied where possible but rearranged chronologically but excluding his commentary and notes. "He who wishes to grow strong in his religious life, let him, I say, next to the Bible, feed himself on the great Creeds of the Church. There is a force of religious inspiration in them which you will seek in vain elsewhere. And this for good reasons. First, because it is ever true that it is by the truth that sanctification is wrought. And next, because the truth is set forth in these Creeds with a clearness and richness with which it is set forth nowhere else. For these Creeds are not the products of metaphysical speculation, as many who know infinitesimally little about them are prone to assert, but are the compressed and weighted utterances of the Christian heart. "I do not think I go astray, therefore, when I say to you in all seriousness that the second and third volumes of Dr. Schaff’s Creeds of Christendom have in them more food for your spiritual life — are 'more directly, richly and evangelically devotional' — than any other book, apart from the Bible, in existence."

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