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Hurricane Hunters

Book cover
By: (1890-1959)

In "Hurricane Hunters" by Ivan Ray Tannehill, the author provides an insightful and informative look into the world of the brave individuals who risk their lives to collect vital data on hurricanes. Tannehill's writing is engaging and draws the reader in, offering a detailed and captivating account of the history and methods of hurricane hunting.

The book delves into the history of hurricane tracking, from the early pioneers who first experimented with flying into storms to the modern technology and methods used today. Tannehill paints a vivid picture of the dangers and challenges faced by hurricane hunters, from battling intense turbulence to navigating through blinding rain and lightning.

What stands out most in "Hurricane Hunters" is the author's ability to convey the passion and dedication of these individuals who willingly put themselves in harm's way to gather information that saves lives. Tannehill's admiration for these unsung heroes is palpable throughout the book, making it a compelling and inspiring read.

Overall, "Hurricane Hunters" is a well-researched and engaging book that sheds light on the important work done by hurricane hunters. Tannehill's writing is both informative and entertaining, making this a must-read for anyone interested in weather science or the bravery of those who seek to understand and predict the deadliest storms on Earth.

Book Description:
This 1955 book by an acknowledged authority is an absorbing account of meteorology before the advent of weather satellites. “This is the lively account of the hair-raising experiences of the men who have probed by sea and air into the inner mysteries of the world’s most terrible storms…. Here is the first intimate revelation of what the human eye and the most modern radars see in the violent regions of the tropical vortex. The descriptions of the activities of these valiant scouts of the storms are taken from personal interviews with military flyers and weathermen who have risked their lives in the furious blasts in all parts of the hurricane. The author has made a special study of hurricanes for over forty years. He has served with the Weather Bureau as chief of the marine division, chief of all forecasting and reporting and assistant chief of the Bureau, in charge of its technical operations.” - Summary by Advertisement in the book and David Wales

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