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Two Pastorals: an Heroic and a Comic

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By: (1622-1673)

Two Pastorals: an Heroic and a Comic by Molière is a delightful collection of plays that showcase the author's wit and talent for storytelling. The Heroic pastoral, with its themes of courage and honor, is a gripping tale that keeps readers engaged from start to finish. The Comic pastoral, on the other hand, is a light-hearted and humorous play that provides a perfect balance to the more serious tone of the Heroic pastoral.

Molière's characters are well-developed and relatable, and his dialogue is sharp and witty. The plays are filled with clever wordplay and clever plot twists that keep the reader guessing until the very end. The author's keen observation of human nature shines through in both pastorals, making them a joy to read.

Overall, Two Pastorals: an Heroic and a Comic is a masterful work of literature that is sure to entertain and delight readers of all ages. Molière's unique blend of humor and drama makes this collection a must-read for fans of classic literature.

Book Description:
Moliere, on the way to the Ballet of the Muses, a court festival, started to write a new Heroic Pastoral. "He chose for his subject a similar one to the history of Florizel and Perdita in Shakespeare's Winter's Tale…. The charm of his writing, the exquisite delicacy of the sentiment, and the freshness of the pastoral scenes, cause us to regret that Moliere wrote only the first two acts of this play and never finished it." Though it was performed this way in Dec 1666 - so maybe there is enough here to enjoy. The Pastoral Comedy which follows it was performed as part of the Ballet of the Muses in Jan 1667 - "most likely replaced the unfinished Melicerte". We only have a script for a number of the scenes; Moliere supposedly destroyed the rest. - Summary by Translator and ToddHW Cast list: Melicerte, an Heroic Pastoral Myrtil, in love with Melicerte: Adrian Stephens Acanthe, in love with Daphne: Dale Burgess Tyrene, in love with Eroxene: David Purdy Lycarsis, herdsman, supposed father to Myrtil: ToddHW Nicandre, shepherd: Alan Mapstone Mopse, shepherd, supposed uncle to Melicerte: Andrew Gaunce Melicerte, shepherdess: Availle Daphne, shepherdess: Kathi M. Walsheck Eroxene, shepherdess: Sonia Corinne, confidante of Melicerte: WendyKatzHiller Stage Directions: Kelly S. Taylor A Comic Pastoral Lycas, a rich shepherd in love with Iris: Adrian Stephens Philene, a rich shepherd in love with Iris: Dale Burgess Shepherd: David Purdy Magician: Sonia Three Magicians: Devorah Allen Gypsy: Alan Mapstone Stage Directions: ToddHW

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