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Worlds Within Worlds: The Story of Nuclear Energy, Volumes 1-3

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By: (1920-1992)

Isaac Asimov’s Worlds Within Worlds: The Story of Nuclear Energy is a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the history, science, and impact of nuclear power. Divided into three volumes, this book takes readers on a journey from the discovery of nuclear fission to the development and use of nuclear technology in the modern world.

Asimov’s clear and engaging writing style makes complex scientific concepts accessible to all readers, making this book a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about nuclear energy. The author’s deep knowledge and understanding of the subject matter is evident throughout the book, as he explores the ethical, political, and environmental implications of nuclear power.

One of the most compelling aspects of Worlds Within Worlds is Asimov’s ability to present a balanced and unbiased view of nuclear energy. While he acknowledges the potential risks and dangers associated with nuclear power, he also highlights the significant benefits and potential for clean, sustainable energy production.

Overall, Worlds Within Worlds is a thought-provoking and informative read that sheds light on a complex and controversial topic. Whether you are a scientist, student, policy maker, or concerned citizen, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the past, present, and future of nuclear energy. Isaac Asimov’s masterful storytelling and expert analysis make this a standout work in the field of science writing.

Book Description:
This is a short booklet on science fact commissioned by the U. S. Energy Research and Development Administration . It tells the story of the origins of nuclear physics in terms understandable to an audience with minimal technical background. What were the steps through history - the discoveries that built upon one another - from alchemy to chemistry, physics, astronomy, mathematics, and quantum mechanics, that led to our understanding and harnessing nuclear energy? Asimov was a great writer of both science fact and fiction who wrote or edited more than 500 books, published in 9 of the 10 major categories of the Dewey Decimal Classification.

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