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By: Henry Salt (1851-1939)

Book cover Life of Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau was a fascinating man, contributing vast amounts of information on nature history, leading the way for environmentalism. He also was a philosopher, abolitionist, anarchist, writer, poet, and a bit of a mystery. He is best known for his book 'Walden', and his essay on 'Civil Disobedience'. This early biography by Henry Salt is highly regarded by Thoreau scholars. - Summary by Phyllis Vincelli

By: Stanislav Dnistriansky (1870-1935)

Book cover Ukraina and the Peace-conference

The 19th century was the Golden Age of Nationalism in Europe. By the end of the century many countries achieved their national self-determination. But the asunder of the territories was still a cause of dispute which led to the Great War in 1914. Ukrainian nationalism reached its peak in the early years of the 20th century. The Great War was the opportunity of the nation to obtain its unification and liberty from Russian Empire and Austria-Hungary which kept Ukraine under their reign for decades...

By: W. Stewart Wallace (1884-1970)

Book cover Chronicles of Canada Volume 24 - The Family Compact: A Chronicle of the Rebellion in Upper Canada

The Rebellions of 1837–1838 were two armed uprisings that took place in Lower Canada and Upper Canada . The rebellions were motivated by frustrations over lack of political reform. A key goal was responsible government, which was eventually achieved in the incidents' aftermath. The Upper Canada Rebellion took place in December 1837. The "Family Compact" in the title wasn't familial at all, but rather a group of political elites - not all gifted or savvy; simply the "in" people - who had firm control of the government of Upper Canada at the time. - Summary by TriciaG

By: Edward Delafield (1794-1875)

Book cover Inaugural Dissertation on Pulmonary Consumption

At a time when diseases termed "consumption" were among the leading cause of death in the county, physicians such as Edward Delafield began to publish observations, research, and studies on the topic. The hope of such works was to share gained knowledge with all physicians with faith that causes and treatments would be found to stop these devastating maladies. This is one such work. - Summary by afutterer

By: John Quincy Adams (1767-1848)

Book cover Letters of John Quincy Adams to His Son, on the Bible and Its Teachings

A collection of nine letters written by the sixth president of the United States, John Quincy Adams, to his teenage son. "Their purpose is the inculcation of love and reverence for the Holy Scriptures, and a delight in their perusal and study." - Summary by Dale Barkley

By: William Coleman (1766-1829)

Book cover Collection of the Facts and Documents Relative to the Death of Major-General Alexander Hamilton

Compiled by William Coleman the first editor of the New York Evening Post, this book includes items that trace a path leading to the death of Alexander Hamilton. Additionally, it includes orations, sermons, and eulogies written about Hamilton's life and character. - Summary by Kristin Hand

By: Sir Charles G. D. Roberts (1860-1943)

Book cover Heart of the Ancient Wood

A woman and her daughter take refuge in a cabin deep in the Canadian forest. This is a tale of survival from the land, friendship and love. - Summary by Czandra

By: Roger Livingston Scaife (1875-1951)

Book cover Cape Coddities

A message from the past from a former Cape Cod resident who delves in all things that make Cape Cod special. From explaining the adventures of hunting clams, to neighbor picnics and the food served, to boating, antique scavenging, and the beautiful rustic Cape houses...just everything that makes the Cape the ideal place, the place that he lived and was so proud of.

By: Seabury Quinn (1889-1969)

Book cover Servants of Satan

Noted weird fiction author Seabury Quinn brings to life true tales of witch trial persecution within the pages of Weird Tales magazine! - Summary by Ben Tucker

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