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Free audio & ebooks — Chinese

東京夢華錄 By: Yuanlao Meng
東周列國志 By: Menglong Feng
東坡志林 By: Shi Su
東坡樂府 By: Shi Su
東度記 By: Unknown
桃花扇 By: Shangren Kong
梁公九諫 By: Unknown
棋經 By: Ni Zhang
楊家將 By: Damu Xiong
楊家將演義 By: Damu Xiong
樂章集 By: Yong Liu
歐遊雜記 By: Ziqing Zhu
歡喜冤家 By: Xihuyuyinzhuren
歸田錄 By: Xiu Ouyang
歸蓮夢 By: Unknown
殘唐五代史演義傳 By: Guanzhong Luo
殺子報 By: Lingyanqiaozi
比目魚 By: Aiyuezhuren
水滸傳 By: Nai'an Shi
水滸後傳 By: Chen Chen
水調歌頭 By: Shi Su
池北偶談 By: Shizhen Wang
沉沦 By: Dafu Yu
治世餘聞 By: Hongmo Chen
洛神賦 By: Zhi Cao
浮生六記 By: Fu Shen
海上花列傳 By: Bangqing Han
海國春秋 By: Ji Wang
海島算經 By: Hui Liu
海遊記 By: Unknown
淮南子 By: An Liu
清代野记 By: Unknown
滄浪詩話 By: Yu Yan
漢書 By: Gu Ban
漱玉詞 By: Qingzhao Li
瀛涯勝覽 By: Huan Ma
灵历集光 By: Shangjie Song
無聲戲 By: Yu Li
燕丹子 By: Anonymous
燕子箋 By: Dacheng Ruan
牛郎織女傳 By: Mingshi Zhu
牡丹亭 By: Xianzu Tang
狂人日記 By: Xun Lu
狄公案 By: Anonymous
狐狸緣全傳 By: Unknown
玉台新詠 By: Ling Xu
玉壺淸話 By: Unknown
玉嬌梨 By: Tianhuazangzhuren
玉支机 By: Tianhuazangzhuren
玉梨魂 By: Zhenya Xu
玉樓春 By: Baiyundaoren
玉蟾記 By: Tongyuanzi
玉雙魚 By: Tianhuazangzhuren
王陽明全集 By: Yangming Wang
珍珠舶 By: Unknown
琵琶記 By: Ming Gao
甌北詩話 By: Yi Zhao
申鑒 By: Yue Xun
畫圖緣 By: Tianhuazangzhuren
癡人福 By: Plum Rocky Mountain

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