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By: Buddha

Book cover 佛說四十二章經

By: Can Lu (1494-1551)

Book cover 庚巳編

By: Chao Zhang (1650-)

Book cover 幽夢影

By: Chen Chen (ca. 1608-)

Book cover 水滸後傳

By: Cheng'en Wu (1500-1582)

Book cover 西遊記

By: Chengda Fan (1126-1193)

Book cover 吳船錄

By: Chengquan Wu (fl. 1695-1711)

Book cover 古文觀止

By: Chinese Union Version

Bible (CUV) NT 01: 聖經 (和合本) 新約全書 - 馬太福音 by Chinese Union Version Bible (CUV) NT 01: 聖經 (和合本) 新約全書 - 馬太福音

The Chinese Union Version (CUV) (Chinese: 和合本; pinyin: héhé běn; literally "harmonized/united version") is the predominant Chinese language translation of the Bible used by Chinese Protestants. It is considered by many to be the Chinese Protestant’s Bible. The CUV in use today is the vernacular Mandarin version, published in two slightly different editions - the Shen Edition (神版) and the Shangti Edition (上帝版) - differing in the way the word “God” is translated. 聖經 (...

By: Chong Wang (27-97?)

Book cover 論衡

By: Chongzuo Zhao (fl. 934-965)

Book cover 花間集

By: Chuhou Wu (jin shi 1053)

Book cover 青箱雜記

By: Chuhui Zheng (jin shi 834)

Book cover 明皇雜錄

By: Chuo Zhuang (12th cent.)

Book cover 雞肋編

By: Confucius (551-479 BC)

論語 Lun Yu (Analects) read in Chinese by Confucius 論語 Lun Yu (Analects) read in Chinese


By: Dacheng Ruan (1587-1646)

Book cover 燕子箋

By: Dafu Yu (1896-1945)

Book cover 沉沦

By: Dai Zhang (1597-1679)

Book cover 西湖夢尋
Book cover 陶庵夢憶

By: Damu Xiong (16th cent.)

Book cover 楊家將
Book cover 楊家將演義

By: Dao Shen (ca. 350 BC - ca. 275 BC)

Book cover 慎子

By: Di Mo (480 BC - 390 BC)

Book cover 墨子

By: Ding Xuan (1832-1880?)

Book cover 夜雨秋燈錄

By: Dongshanyunzhongdaoren

Book cover 唐鍾馗平鬼傳

By: E Liu (1857-1909)

Book cover 老殘遊記

By: E Su (jin shi 886)

Book cover 杜陽雜編

By: Emperor of China Ming Xuanzong (1399-1435)

Book cover 御製廣寒殿記

By: Erzeng Yang (17th cent.)

Book cover 韓湘子全傳

By: Fangqing Wang (-702)

Book cover 魏鄭公諫錄

By: Fei Han (-233 BC)

Book cover 韩非子

By: Five colors stone

Book cover Eight dwelling places of Buddhist immortals

By: Fu Kong (ca. 264-208 BC)

Book cover 孔叢子

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