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Free ebooks — Chinese

南部新書 By: Yi Qian
古文觀止 By: Chengquan Wu
史記 By: Qian Sima
司馬法 By: Rangju Sima
合浦珠 By: Unknown
吳船錄 By: Chengda Fan
吳越春秋 By: Ye Zhao
吶喊 By: Xun Lu
周禮 By: Gong Zhou
周髀算經 By: Unknown
呻吟語 By: Kun Lü
唐才子傳 By: Wenfang Xin
唐鍾馗平鬼傳 By: Dongshanyunzhongdaoren
商君書 By: Yang Shang
商子 By: Yang Shang
商界現形記 By: Tianzhuisheng
喻世明言 By: Menglong Feng
國語 By: Ming Zuoqiu
圍爐夜話 By: Yongbin Wang
墨子 By: Di Mo
夜雨秋燈錄 By: Ding Xuan
夢中緣 By: Xiuxing Li
夢溪筆談 By: Kuo Shen
大唐新語 By: Su Liu
大學 章句 By: Xi Zhu
天工開物 By: Yingxing Song
天豹圖 By: Unknown
好逑傳 By: pseud. Mingjiaozhongren
子不語 By: Mei Yuan
孔叢子 By: Fu Kong
孝經 By: Unknown
孟子 By: Unknown
孟子字義疏證 By: Zhen Dai
孫子算經 By: Unknown
孽海花 By: Pu Zeng
安樂集 By: Unknown
宋史 By: Unknown
官場現形記 By: Boyuan Li
定情人 By: Tianhuazangzhuren
宛如約 By: Xihuazhuren
封氏聞見記 By: Yan Feng
封神演義 By: Xixing Lu
尉繚子 By: Liao Wei
小爾雅 By: Fu Kong
尹文子 By: Wen Yin
山水小牘 By: Mei Huangfu
山水情 By: Anonymous
山海經 By: Anonymous
左傳 By: Ming Zuoqiu
巧聯珠 By: Yanxiayishi
平妖傳 By: Guanzhong Luo
平山冷燕 By: Tianhuazangzhuren
幻中游 By: Unknown
幽夢影 By: Chao Zhang
幽閨記 By: Hui Shi
庚巳編 By: Can Lu

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