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Widger's Quotations from Memoirs of Napoleon   By:

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Memoirs of Napoleon, V1, by Bourrienne [NB01][nb01v10.txt]3551 Memoirs of Napoleon, V2, by Bourrienne [NB02][nb02v10.txt]3552 Memoirs of Napoleon, V3, by Bourrienne [NB03][nb03v10.txt]3553 Memoirs of Napoleon, V4, by Bourrienne [NB04][nb04v10.txt]3554 Memoirs of Napoleon, V5, by Bourrienne [NB05][nb05v10.txt]3555 Memoirs of Napoleon, V6, by Bourrienne [NB06][nb06v10.txt]3556 Memoirs of Napoleon, V7, by Bourrienne [NB07][nb07v10.txt]3557 Memoirs of Napoleon, V8, by Bourrienne [NB08][nb08v10.txt]3558 Memoirs of Napoleon, V9, by Bourrienne [NB09][nb09v10.txt]3559 Memoirs of Napoleon, V10, by Bourrienne [NB10][nb10v10.txt]3560 Memoirs of Napoleon, V11, by Bourrienne [NB11][nb11v10.txt]3561 Memoirs of Napoleon, V12, by Bourrienne [NB12][nb12v10.txt]3562 Memoirs of Napoleon, V13, by Bourrienne [NB13][nb13v10.txt]3563 Memoirs of Napoleon, V14, by Bourrienne [NB14][nb14v10.txt]3564 Memoirs of Napoleon, V15, by Bourrienne [NB15][nb15v10.txt]3565 Memoirs of Napoleon, V16, by Bourrienne [NB16][nb16v10.txt]3566 Complete Memoirs of Napoleon, by Bourrienne[NB17][nb17v10.txt]3567

MEMOIRS OF NAPOLEON, V1, by Bourrienne [nb01v10.txt]3551

His superiors, who were anxious to get rid of him Josephine: Readily laughed at her own credulity Not always agreeable that every truth should be told Opinion of posterity is the real immortality of the soul Passions are always bad counsellors

MEMOIRS OF NAPOLEON, V2, by Bourrienne [nb02v10.txt]3552

Bonaparte was a creator in the art of war Leave ordinary letters for three weeks in the basket Occupied with what he was thinking of than with what was said

MEMOIRS OF NAPOLEON, V3, by Bourrienne [nb03v10.txt]3553

Always meet your enemies with a bold face Least benefit which accrues inspires the hope of a new Look upon religions as the work of men Napoleon loved only men with strong passions and great weakness Religions a powerful engine of government We never know what we wish for

MEMOIRS OF NAPOLEON, V4, by Bourrienne [nb04v10.txt]3554

Doctrine of indefinite perfectibility Ideologues Men were only to be governed by fear and interest Moliere's "I pardon you, but you shall pay me for this!" Police, catch only fools Trifles often decide the greatest events Two levers for moving men, interest and fear Well bred ladies can tell falsehoods without seeming to do so

MEMOIRS OF NAPOLEON, V5, by Bourrienne [nb05v10.txt]3555

Calumny has such powerful charms Die young, and I shall have some consolatory reflection Immortality is the recollection one leaves Most celebrated people lose on a close view Religion is useful to the Government The boudoir was often stronger than the cabinet To leave behind him no traces of his existence Treaty, according to custom, was called perpetual

MEMOIRS OF NAPOLEON, V6, by Bourrienne [nb06v10.txt]3556

Ability in making it be supposed that he really possessed talent Absurdity of interfering with trifles Admired him more for what he had the fortitude not to do Animated by an unlucky zeal Ideologues Put some gold lace on the coats of my virtuous republicans Trifles honoured with too much attention Were made friends of lest they should become enemies Would enact the more in proportion as we yield

MEMOIRS OF NAPOLEON, V7, by Bourrienne [nb07v10.txt]3557

Malice delights to blacken the characters of prominent men Manufacturers of phrases More glorious to merit a sceptre than to possess one Necessary to let men and things take their course

MEMOIRS OF NAPOLEON, V8, by Bourrienne [nb08v10.txt]3558

An old man's blessing never yet harmed any one Buried for the purpose of being dug up Kiss the feet of Popes provided their hands are tied Something so seductive in popular enthusiasm

MEMOIRS OF NAPOLEON, V9, By Bourrienne [nb09v10... Continue reading book >>

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