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By: Nessmuk (1821-1890)

Book cover Woodcraft

George Washington Sears, who many know better by his pen name "Nessmuk", was an outdoor writer during the last half of the 19th century, writing most often for the magazine "Field and Forest", the predecessor of today's "Field and Stream". "Woodcraft" is his book for "outers" with his tips on how to "smooth it" rather than rough it in the woods. Although some of his methods, equipment and mores may be out of date or objectionable to modern readers, his stories of true wilderness travel tinged with his subtle humor still have messages for those venturing out of doors...

By: Filippo De Filippi (1869-1938)

Book cover Ascent of Mount St. Elias, Alaska

Although Mount St. Elias had been known to native Americans for thousands of years and to Europeans since 1741 when Vitus Bering saw the peak and gave it its current name, it was not successfully climbed until 1897 by a party lead by Prince Luigi Amadeo di Savoia, Duke of the Abruzzi. This is the story of that expedition. Mount St. Elias was not climbed again for another 50 years when the advent of air support made the logistics of the climb less daunting.

By: William H. Hudson (1841-1922)

Book cover Idle Days in Patagonia

Hudson traveled to Patagonia to study the birds, but shortly upon arrival accidentally shot himself in the knee, requiring a lengthy period of idleness to recover, hence the title of the book. It's not just a work of ornithology, but a personal memoir of the people and natural history of Patagonia.

By: Max Schlesinger

Book cover Saunterings In And About London

A witty 1853 travelogue by a cultured German for his countrymen. “…for I did not write for an English public, nor did I ever pretend to popularity in England. The “SAUNTERINGS” were intended for the profit and amusement of my German countrymen; and I must say I was not a little pleased and surprised with the very flattering reception which my book experienced at the hands of the English critics. Their favourable opinion, which they so emphatically and—I am selfish enough to go the whole length of the word—so ably expressed, has probably caused the production of the book in an English dress.” ( Book Preface and david wales)

By: Horace Kephart (1862-1931)

Book cover book of camping and woodcraft : a guidebook for those who travel in the wilderness

In the Introduction to Camping and Woodcraft, Horace Kephart wrote: “My one aim in writing this little book is to make it of practical service to those who seek rest or sport in the wilderness, or whose business calls them thither.” The author further described the content of this book: “In the following chapters I offer some suggestions on outfitting, making camps, dressing and keeping game and fish, camp cookery, forest travel, how to avoid getting lost, and what to do if one does get lost,...

By: Various

Book cover National Geographic Magazine Vol. 05

National Geographic Magazine Volume 5, articles published in 1893. Contents: Discoverers of America: Annual Address by the President, Gardiner G. Hubbard The Movements of our Population Rainfall Types of the United States: Annual Report by Vice-President General A. W. Greely The Natural Bridge of Virginia The geographical Position and Height of Mount Saint Elias The Improvement of Geographical Teaching An undiscovered Island off the northern Coast of Alaska The Geologist at Blue Mountain, Maryland The...

Book cover Yellowstone National Park: Six Early Pieces

Lost in the wilderness of The Yellowstone for over a month, nearly dying of starvation and wild animal attack, despairing of ever finding his way out. Here are six relatively unknown early pieces about the U.S.A.’s first national park. The first is a U.S. Geological booklet about initial exploration and Congress’s institution of the park. The next two are articles from Scribner’s Monthly, 1871, a very popular magazine of the time, describing the park’s features (vol 2 #1 pp 1-17 and vol 2 #2 pp 113-128) ...

By: Walter Dwight Wilcox (1869-1949)

Book cover Camping in the Canadian Rockies

An Account of Camp Life in the Wilder Parts of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Together with a Description of the Region About Banff, Lake Louise and Glacier, and a Sketch of the Early Explorations.

By: Various

Book cover National Geographic Magazine Vol. 07 - January 1896

The National Geographic Magazine, an illustrated monthly, the January Number. It includes the Introductory by the editor, John Hyde, and the following articles: Russia in Europe, an annual address by Hon. Gardiner G. Hubbard The Arctic Cruise of the U.S. Revenue Cutter "Bear", by Sheldon Jackson The Scope and Value of Arctic Explorations, by Gen. A. W. Greelyalong with an obituary, geographic literature, executive reports, and North American notes.

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