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By: 劉鶚 Liu O

老殘遊記 Lao Can You Ji (Mr Derelict) by 劉鶚 Liu O 老殘遊記 Lao Can You Ji (Mr Derelict)

本書對於晚清的政治與社會民情有相當的描述,且非常寫實。這些都反映在老殘或夢或醒的遊歷過程中,事實上,他也藉由老殘的夢境來映射他對當時官場與社會現實的看法。 此書不僅為政治類或社會批判性小說,亦是相當成功的遊記類小說,因作者的寫景、寫人與寫情的能力極高,讓人不知不覺地跟著老殘一起遊歷黃河賞美景,一起聽黑妞白妞「大珠小珠落玉盤」般神妙的說書絕技,一起在夢境中歷險,並一起來斷時局,甚至在必要時斷案解惑。

By: 李毓秀 Li Yuexiu

Di Zi Gui by 李毓秀 Li Yuexiu Di Zi Gui

Di Zi Gui (弟子规), in English, means the Standards for being a Good Student and Child. It is an ancient book based on the teaching of the great Confucius that emphasises on the basic requisites for being a good person and guidelines for living in harmony with others. The source for the main outline of it is from Analects of Confucius, Book 1, Chapter 6, where Confucius said: “A young man should be a good son at home and an obedient young man abroad, sparing of speech but trustworthy in what he says, and should love the multitude at large but cultivate the friendship of his fellow men...

By: 蒲松龄 (Pu Songling) (1640-1715)

Liaozhai Zhiyi 聊斋志异 by 蒲松龄 (Pu Songling) Liaozhai Zhiyi 聊斋志异

《聊斋志异》,清代短篇小说集,是蒲松龄的代表作,在他40岁左右时基本完成,此后不断有所增补和修改。“聊斋”是他的书屋名称,“志”是记述的意思, “异”指奇异的故事。全书有短篇小说491篇,内容十分广泛,多谈狐、魔、花、妖,以此来概括当时的社会关系,反映了17世纪中国的社会面貌。书中写的是一个花妖鬼狐的世界,既有对如漆墨黑的社会现实的不满,又...

By: 鲁迅 - Lu Xun (1881-1936)

呐喊 (Call to Arms) by 鲁迅 - Lu Xun 呐喊 (Call to Arms)

《呐喊》收录了鲁迅1918年至1922年所作短篇小说十四篇,其中包括中国文学史上第一篇白话文小说《狂人日记》,以及《孔乙己》、《阿Q正传》等鲁迅的代表作品。 "Call to Arms" is a collection of short stories Lu Xun published during 1918-1922. It includes "A Madman's Diary," the first novel written in vernacular Chinese, and other representative fictional works by Lu Xun, such as "Kong Yiji" and "The True Story of Ah-Q".

朝花夕拾 (Chao hua si she) by 鲁迅 - Lu Xun 朝花夕拾 (Chao hua si she)

这个集子收录了鲁迅早年“从记忆中抄出来的“记录自己童年往事的散文。这些文章于1926年陆续发表在《莽原》杂志,1927年经鲁迅重新编订,加上小引和后记,于1928年在广州以《朝花夕拾》为名结集出版。这十篇散文长短不一,秉承鲁迅一贯隽永辛辣的文风,于生动刻画民俗众生的同时针砭时事,嘲骂文敌,是鲁迅早期的重要作品。 Chao Hua Si She (Dawn Blossoms Plucked at Dusk) is a collection of essays on Chinese culture and society by Lu Xun, the most influential writer in 20th century China.

By: 黄绣球

Book cover 黃繡球

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