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By: Charles Dickens

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens Great Expectations

From the opening passage itself of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, the reader is drawn into the world of the hero, Pip, who is at that time, seven years old. The author creates an unforgettable atmosphere: the gloom of the graveyard, the melancholy of the orphan boy, the mists rising over the marshes and the terrifying appearance of an escaped convict in chains. Told in first person (one of the only two books that Dickens used this form for, the other being David Copperfield) Great Expectations is a classic coming of age novel, in which we trace the growth and evolution of Pip or Philip Pirrip to give his full name...

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens Oliver Twist

Set in the first half of the 19th century, the classic novel presents the story of young orphan Oliver Twist, who endures tumultuous events in a society burdened by poverty, crime and malice. After being poorly treated in a workhouse, Oliver escapes to London where instead of finding a better life he ends up tangled in a web of criminal activities. The novel opens with the introduction of Oliver, a waif who has spent his short life living in miserable conditions in a workhouse. Along with other fellow orphans, he is regularly beaten and underfed...

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens David Copperfield

Charles Dickens is one of the most appreciated Victorian writers, his novels gaining worldwide recognition by both critics and readers. First published in 1850, David Copperfield begins with avid the tragedy of David's brother dying when David is just a boy. After this episode he is sent by his step-father to work in London for a wine merchant. When conditions worsen he decides to run away and embarks on a journey by foot from London to Dover. On his arrival he finds his eccentric aunt, Betsey Trotwood who becomes his new guardian...

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities

Its immortal opening lines, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." set the stage for a sweeping narrative that combines drama, glory, honor, history, romance, brutality, sacrifice and resurrection. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens is one of the most widely read and famous works of historical fiction in the English language. Dickens had recently launched his magazine All the Year Round in 1859. In the same year, he began featuring A Tale of Two Cities in 31 weekly installments in his new magazine...

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol

“A squeezing, wrenching, grasping, biting, clutching, covetous old sinner” is hardly hero material, but this is exactly what makes A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens such an unforgettable book and its hero, Ebenezer Scrooge such an extraordinarily enduring character. In the book's celebrated opening scene, on the night before Christmas the old miser Ebenezer Scrooge sits in his freezing cold counting house, oblivious to the discomfort of his shivering young assistant Bob Cratchit. Scrooge is unremittingly rude to relatives and visitors alike who drop in to convey their Christmas greetings or ask for a contribution to charity...

Bleak House by Charles Dickens Bleak House

Over twenty consecutive months, Charles Dickens enthralled readers with his monthly installments of the novel Bleak House, a complex and compelling portrayal of the English judicial system. Serialized in his own magazine, Household Words, between 1852 and 1853, the book is deemed to be his finest work and is his ninth novel. Using an innovative literary technique known as “free indirect discourse,” where the narrator himself speaks through the medium of one of his main characters, Dickens uses the heroine Esther Summerson and an unidentified narrator as the vehicle for his story...

Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens Our Mutual Friend

As the last published novel of a writer whose career spanned over a dozen novels, innumerable short stories, plays and nonfiction, Our Mutual Friend is indeed a great composition by Charles Dickens. Considered to be one of his most mature, insightful and refined works, Our Mutual Friend takes a long, hard look at what many Victorians loved but hated to admit they did—money. Dickens uses satire, irony, symbolism and biting wit to portray this unlovely picture of a society obsessed with material comforts and its hypocrisy about the means it uses to achieve its ends...

The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit

Dickens thought it was “in a hundred points, immeasurably the best” of his stories. Yet it was also one of his greatest flops. Compared to his other novels, The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit was a dismal failure in terms of sales and the main reason for Dickens falling out with his long term publisher Chapman & Hall. They invoked a penalty clause and demanded that he pay back a portion of the advance which he refused. Martin Chuzzlewit was also dimly received in Dickens friendly America...

Hard Times by Charles Dickens Hard Times

The shortest novel by far of Charles Dickens', Hard Times is also one of his most idea based works. In it, he launches a scathing attack on the prevailing fashion of believing in Utilitarianism, a philosophy that proposed the goal of society should be “the greatest good for the greatest number of people.” Dickens felt that such a philosophy saw people as mere statistics and not as individuals. The novel was published in serial form in his magazine Household Words. It is also the only novel where London is not featured...

Book cover The Pickwick Papers

A sportsman who doesn't hunt; a poet who doesn't write; a lover with no one to love; all three are devoted to their cheerful and benevolent leader, Mr. Pickwick. Join him and his friends, Winkle, Snodgrass, and Tupman, as they tour the country in search of adventures, knowledge, and stories. Along the way, they have their share of mishaps, and meet plenty of interesting characters, both the good and the not so good. (Mr. Pickwick's dedicated manservant, Sam Weller, is a scene-stealer sure to delight just about everybody...

Three Ghost Stories by Charles Dickens Three Ghost Stories

As a gifted writer with a strong interest in supernatural phenomena, Charles Dickens produced a string of ghost stories with enduring charm. Three of them are presented here, of which The Signal Man is one of the best known. Though quite different from his most celebrated realistic and humorous critical novels, these ghost stories, Gothic and grotesque as they are, are of good portrayal, and worth a read/listen. Summary by Vivian Chan

A Child's History of England by Charles Dickens A Child's History of England

A Child’s History of England first appeared in serial form, running from January 25, 1851 to December 10, 1853 and was first published in three volume book form in 1852, 1853, and 1854. Dickens dedicated the book to “My own dear children, whom I hope it may help, bye and bye, to read with interest larger and better books on the same subject”. The history covered the period between 50 BC and 1689, ending with a chapter summarising events from then until the ascension of Queen Victoria.

The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens The Old Curiosity Shop

The fourth novel published by Charles Dickens, The Old Curiosity Shop was initially published in weekly installments between 1840 and 1841 and follows the poignant journey of the virtuous young girl Nell and her loving grandfather as they are forced to bear the hardships of life. Dickens cleverly employs contrasting eloquent characters as a utility to bring out the dissimilarity and injustice present in society. The novel introduces orphan Nell Trent and her grandfather, who live in a run-down store that is distinctive for its worthless bits and pieces...

Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens Little Dorrit

Originally published in monthly installments between 1855 and 1857, the novel focuses on the various forms of imprisonment, both physical and psychological, while also concentrating on dysfunctional family ties. Accordingly, Dickens avidly criticizes the social deficiencies of the time including injustice, social hypocrisy, the austerity of the Marshalsea debtors’ prison, and bureaucratic inefficiency. The novel kicks off with the introduction of William Dorrit, the oldest prisoner in the Marshalsea prison, who is also referred to as The Father of the Marshalsea...

The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens The Mystery of Edwin Drood

The Mystery of Edwin Drood is the final novel by Charles Dickens. It is a mystery indeed; the serial novel was just half completed at the time of Dickens’ death – leading to much speculation how it might have ended.The novel is named after Edwin Drood, one of the characters, but it mostly tells the story of his uncle, a choirmaster named John Jasper, who is in love with his pupil, Rosa Bud. Miss Bud is Drood’s fiancée, and has also caught the eye of the high-spirited and hot-tempered Neville Landless! Landless comes from Ceylon with his twin sister, Helena...

No Thoroughfare by Charles Dickens No Thoroughfare

Two boys from the Foundling Hospital are given the same name, with disastrous consequences in adulthood. Two associates, wishing to right the wrong, are commissioned to find a missing heir. Their quest takes them from fungous wine cellars in the City of London to the sunshine of the Mediterranean — across the Alps in winter. Danger and treachery would prevail were it not for the courage of the heroine and the faithful company servant. The story contains crafted descriptions, well-drawn and diverse...

Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens Barnaby Rudge

One of the two Historical novels Charles Dickens wrote, Barnaby Rudge is set around the ‘Gordon’ riots in London in 1780. The story begins in 1775 with Barnaby, his Mother, and his talking Raven Grip, fleeing their home from a blackmailer, and going into hiding. Joe Willet similarly finds he must leave his home to escape his Father’s ire, leaving behind the woman he loves. Five years later these characters, and many others whose lives we have followed, find themselves caught up in the horrific Protestant rioting led by Sir George Gordon...

Dombey and Son by Charles Dickens Dombey and Son

Dombey and Son is a novel by the Victorian author Charles Dickens. The story concerns Paul Dombey, the wealthy owner of the shipping company of the book’s title, whose dream is to have a son to continue his business. The book begins when his son is born, and Dombey’s wife dies shortly after giving birth. As with most of Dickens’ work, a number of socially significant themes are to be found in this book. In particular the book deals with the then-prevalent common practice of arranged marriages for financial gain...

A House to Let by Charles Dickens A House to Let

A House to Let is a novella originally published in 1858 in the Christmas edition of Dickens’ Household Words magazine. Each of the contributors wrote a chapter (stories within a story, and in the case of Adelaide Anne Procter, as a story in verse) and the whole was edited by Dickens. The plot concerns an elderly woman, Sophonisba, who notices signs of life in a supposedly empty dilapidated house (the eponymous “House to Let”) opposite her own, and employs the efforts of an elderly admirer, Jabez Jarber, and her servant, Trottle, to discover what is happening within.

Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens Nicholas Nickleby

Nicholas Nickleby is a young Devonshire man of nineteen, handsome and hot headed, devoted to his sister Kate and his parents. Following the death of Nicholas’s father, they find themselves penniless, and travel to London to seek help from his uncle, Ralph Nickleby, a heartless, cunning rogue. He grudgingly finds employment for Nicholas in Dotheby Hall, a school in Yorkshire run by the brutal Mr. and Mrs. Wackford Squeers. Appalled at the condition and treatment of the school children, Nicholas rebels, escaping with Smike, a young man/child who has become devoted to him...

The Battle of Life by Charles Dickens The Battle of Life

While "The Battle of Life" is one of Charles Dickens' Christmas Books - his annual release of a story just before Christmas - this one breaks the tradition by not being concerned with Christmas. Rather, its subtitle, "A Love Story", reveals more of the plot. The major events of this book take place on land that once was a battleground. That is just a backdrop for Dickens' idea of the real battle of life - finding and winning the right partner, so that life will go on to the next generation. The family that lives there is rather confused in its affections and intentions regarding who should end up with whom...

The Cricket on the Hearth by Charles Dickens The Cricket on the Hearth

The tale of John Peerybingle, the good-hearted carrier, and his young wife Mary ('Dot'), interwoven with the story of poor toymaker Caleb Plummer, his beloved blind daughter Bertha, and the harsh old toy merchant Tackleton, who is due to marry May Fielding, a childhood friend of Dot. Comic relief is provided by Tilly Slowboy, the disaster-prone nursemaid of John and Dot's baby, and Boxer, the family dog.The cricket who chirps on the family hearth assumes fairy form to save the day when disaster looms in the form of a mysterious stranger...

The Seven Poor Travellers by Charles Dickens The Seven Poor Travellers

One of Dickens’ Christmas stories, this was first published as part of the Christmas number of Household Words for 1854. The first chapter relates Dickens’ visit to the ancient Richard Watts’s Charity at Rochester. The second chapter is the touching story of “Richard Doubledick”, which Dickens supposedly told the travellers, and Dickens’ journey home on Christmas morning provides the short concluding chapter.

The Chimes by Charles Dickens The Chimes

The Chimes: A Goblin Story of Some Bells that Rang an Old Year Out and a New Year In is the second of Charles Dickens' Christmas books, published in 1844. Its contemporary setting is the "Hungry Forties", a time of social and political unrest, and the book has a strong moral message. It remained popular for many years, although its fame has since been eclipsed by that of A Christmas Carol, the first of the series. Our hero Toby ("Trotty") Veck is a poor but hard-working man, whose beloved daughter Meg is due to marry on New Year's Day...

Der Weihnachtsabend - Eine Geistergeschichte by Charles Dickens (German) Der Weihnachtsabend - Eine Geistergeschichte

1843 verfasste Dickens den Roman A Christmas Carol (deutscher Titel: Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte) in der Absicht, die Aufmerksamkeit des Lesers auf die Not der Armen in der Gesellschaft Englands zu lenken. Am 19. Dezember 1843 wurde das Werk mit Illustrationen von John Leech veröffentlicht.Der herzlose Geschäftemacher Ebenezer Scrooge wandelt sich zu einem gütigen, die Not der Menschen lindernden alten Herren. Dickens bedient sich hierfür der Mittel der Groteske: Am Heiligen Abend erscheint dem...

Sketches by Boz: Illustrative of Every-Day Life and Every-Day People by Charles Dickens Sketches by Boz: Illustrative of Every-Day Life and Every-Day People

"Sketches by "Boz," Illustrative of Every-day Life and Every-day People (commonly known as Sketches by Boz) is a collection of short pieces published by Charles Dickens in 1836 accompanied by illustrations by George Cruikshank. The 56 sketches concern London scenes and people and are divided into four sections: "Our Parish", "Scenes", "Characters", and "Tales". The material in the first three of these sections is non-fiction. The last section comprises fictional stories. Originally, the sketches were published in various newspapers and periodicals from 1833-1836."

Charles Dickens 200th Anniversary Collection Vol. 1 by Charles Dickens Charles Dickens 200th Anniversary Collection Vol. 1

The Charles Dickens 200th Anniversary Collection comprises short works - fiction, essays, poetry, letters, magazine articles and speeches - and each volume will be a pot pourri of all genres and periods of his writing. This first volume is released on Dickens' 200th birthday, February 7th 2012. Further volumes will follow during the anniversary year.Volume 1 includes short stories including, amongst others, The Holly Tree, the first part of Holiday Romance and three pieces from Mugby Junction.Some...

Een Kerstlied in Proza by Charles Dickens (Dutch) Een Kerstlied in Proza

'A Christmas Carol' is een Victoriaanse allegorie over een oude en verbitterde vrek, Ebenezer Scrooge, die in de nacht voor Kerstmis een aantal dromen heeft… (Samenvatting van Wikipedia)This is the Dutch translation of the book: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Nelly by Charles Dickens (Dutch) Nelly

Vertaling van de Old Curiosity Shop (1841).Het weesje Nelly leeft bij haar grootvader die grote schulden heeft. Samen proberen zij de armoede en de schande te ontvluchten. Uiteindelijk vinden zij een rustige plaats om te leven ...Zoals een winkel voor Antiek en Curiosa een bonte verzameling van kunst en kitsch bevat, zo bevat dit boek een groteske verzameling van menselijke- en zelfs dierlijke karakters. (Samenvatting door Marcel Coenders)

Olivier Twist by Charles Dickens (Dutch) Olivier Twist

Olivier Twist is de titel en het hoofdpersonage van één van de bekendste romans van de Britse schrijver Charles Dickens, gepubliceerd in 1838. Het boek verscheen aanvankelijk in afzonderlijke delen, die van februari 1837 tot april 1839 werden gepubliceerd. Olivier Twist was vooral bedoeld als protest van Dickens tegen de wantoestanden van die tijd. Kinderarbeid in de zogenaamde Work Houses (armenhuizen) en de onderwereld waarin straatkinderen tot crimineel worden opgeleid spelen in het boek een grote rol. De hoofdpersoon, Olivier Twist, is een weesjongen door wiens ogen we het harde leven in Londen rond 1830 bekijken.

De Behekste Man of de Gesloten Koop by Charles Dickens (Dutch) De Behekste Man of de Gesloten Koop

Het kerstverhaal van 1848. Vertaling van The Haunted Man and the Ghost’s Bargain. Mr. Redlaw, een scheikunde leraar, krijgt van een geest de gave om zichzelf en zijn medemensen te bevrijden van alle pijnlijke herinneringen en gevoelens.Motto van het boek: "Heer, houd mijn geheugen fris" (Inleiding door Marcel Coenders)

Book cover (Dutch) Kleine Dorrit

De familie Dorrit verblijft door schulden belast meer dan 20 jaar in de schuldengevangenis de Marshalsea in Londen. Zullen zij ontlast worden van hun schulden? Zullen de heldin en de ridder op het witte paard met elkaar trouwen in dit inktzwarte sprookje?Een satire op rijkdom, status en macht waarbij zowel de publieke-(politieke) als de private- (financiele) sector belachelijk worden gemaakt. Bijna alle personages zijn gevangen in hun eigen verslaving aan waardeloos geld en valse roem. Helaas heeft dit boek niets aan actualiteitswaarde verloren, want luidruchtigheid en begeerigheid, aanmatiging, hoogmoed en ijdelheid bijven voortwoekeren tot de laatste dag.

Book cover Some Christmas Stories
The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain by Charles Dickens The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain

The Haunted Man and the Ghost’s Bargain, A Fancy for Christmas-Time, (better known as The Haunted Man and the Ghost’s Bargain) is a novella by Charles Dickens first published in 1848. It is the fifth and last of Dickens' Christmas novellas. The story is more about the spirit of the holidays than about the holidays themselves, harking back to the first of the series, A Christmas Carol. The tale centers around a Professor Redlaw and those close to him.

American Notes for General Circulation by Charles Dickens American Notes for General Circulation

American Notes for General Circulation is a travelogue by Charles Dickens detailing his trip to North America from January to June, 1842. While there he acted as a critical observer of these societies almost as if returning a status report on their progress. This can be compared to the style of his Pictures from Italy written four years later, where he wrote far more like a tourist. His American journey was also an inspiration for his novel Martin Chuzzlewit.

Tafereelen uit Italie by Charles Dickens (Dutch) Tafereelen uit Italie

In 1844 reisde Charles Dickens samen met zijn gezin enkele maanden naar Frankrijk en Italie waar hij Rome, Napels, Venetie en Florence bezocht. In dit reisverslag leren we Charles Dickens kennen als een matineuze wandelaar. (vrij naar Wikipedia)De vertaler van deze uitgave uit 1889 is onbekend

Geen Uitweg by Charles Dickens (Dutch) Geen Uitweg

Vertaling van het kerstverhaal van 1867. Een verwisseling van twee vondelingen in hun vroege jeugd veroorzaakt op volwassen leeftijd de nodige complicaties. Bijzonder is dat dit boek de noodzaak aantoont van snelle en betrouwbare internationale communicatie tussen banken zoals dat pas 100 jaar later in 1977 operationeel is. (Introductie door Marcel Coenders)

Schetsen uit Amerika by Charles Dickens (Dutch) Schetsen uit Amerika

"Schetsen uit Amerika", een Nederlandse vertaling van "American Notes" (vertaler onbekend), is een reisverslag van Charles Dickens waarin hij zijn eerste bezoek aan de Verenigde Staten beschreef. Deze reis vond plaats in 1842 en zijn verblijf duurde zes maanden, van januari tot en met juni. Hij werd vergezeld door zijn vrouw Catherine.Na een zware overtocht op het overvolle schip Britannia van de Cunard Line kwam hij aan in Boston, waar hij, als reeds internationaal gevierd schrijver, een warm welkom kreeg...

Een Huis te Huur by Charles Dickens (Dutch) Een Huis te Huur

Vertaling van het kerstverhaal van 1858.Een oude vrouw, Sophonisba, gaat in Londen wonen. Tegenover haar tijdelijke woning staat een mysterieus huis reeds zeer lange tijd te huur. Een vriend, Jabez Jarber en een knecht, Trottle, proberen het mysterie van het lege huis voor haar te ontraadselen. (Introductie door Marcel Coenders)

The Wreck of the Golden Mary by Charles Dickens The Wreck of the Golden Mary

A short story of a ship wreck in 1851 trying to round Cape Horn on its way to the California gold fields. Poignant and well written. (

De Kerkklokken by Charles Dickens (Dutch) De Kerkklokken

Dit is het tweede 'kerstverhaal' van Charles Dickens. Het boek is geschreven in 1844 een jaar na het beroemdere Chrismas Carol. Eigenlijk is het een nieuwjaarsverhaal. Het boek is geschreven tijdens zijn verblijf in Genua, een verblijf dat beschreven is in zijn boek 'Tafereelen uit Italië'.De arme brievenbesteller Toby Veck dreigt zijn dochter Meg kwijt te raken in een huwelijk dat alleen maar rampzalig kan verlopen.

Overdrukken by Charles Dickens (Dutch) Overdrukken

Vertaling van 'Reprinted Pieces' uit 1861. Een verzameling van journalistieke artikelen geschreven door de journalist Charles Dickens. In sommige artikelen, zoals bijvoorbeeld 'De geschiedenis van een armen man die een octrooi verlangde' zien we onderwerpen besproken die later ook in romans (in dit geval Kleine Dorrit) terugkomen. (Introductie door Marcel Coenders)

De Krekel achter de Haardplaat by Charles Dickens (Dutch) De Krekel achter de Haardplaat

Het kerstverhaal van 1845 vertaling van 'The Cricket on the Hearth'.De mooie jonge Dot en de oude vrachtrijder John lijken gelukkig getrouwd te zijn totdat John ziet dat Dot geheime omgang heeft met een knappe jonge man. (Introductie door Marcel Coenders)

Drie Korte Verhalen van Charles Dickens by Charles Dickens (Dutch) Drie Korte Verhalen van Charles Dickens

Vertaling van:- “Hunted Down” (1859) een misdaadverhaal.- “Holiday Romance” (1868) vier verhalen van en voor kinderen.- “George Silverman’s Explanation” (1868) Een levens- en liefdes verhaal.(Introductie door Marcel Coenders)

Mopes de Kluizenaar by Charles Dickens (Dutch) Mopes de Kluizenaar

Vertaling van 'Tom Tidler's ground' het kerstverhaal uit 1861. Het boek is geschreven in samenwerking met Wilkie Collins, Charles Allston Collins, Amelia Edwards en John Harwood. Vijf bezoekers van kluizenaar Mopes vertellen over een problematische periode in hun leven, en hoe ze de problemen samen met andere mensen moedig aanpakken. Jezelf terugtrekken uit wereld en jezelf verwaarlozen is laf en zeker geen oplossing voor welk probleem dan ook. Tom Tidler's ground betekend in het engels 'de woning van een luiwammes'. (Introductie door Marcel Coenders)

De Gevaren van Sommige Engelse Gevangenen by Charles Dickens (Dutch) De Gevaren van Sommige Engelse Gevangenen

Vertaling van 'The Perils Of Certain English Prisoners' (1857) het boek is in samenwerking met Wilkie Collins geschreven. Het verhaal speelt zich af in Midden-Amerika (de muskietenkust) maar is gebaseerd op het moedige gedrag van britse vrouwen en kinderen gedurende de revolte in India uit het jaar 1857. (Introductie door Marcel Coenders)

De Strijd des Levens by Charles Dickens (Dutch) De Strijd des Levens

Het kerstverhaal van 1846 vertaling van The battle of life. De rampzalige historie over het verlaten van het vaderlijk huis en vinden van geschikte huwelijkskandidaten voor Marion en Grace, de aantrekkelijke dochters van dr. Jeddler, de dorpsdokter.Motto's van het boek zijn: 'Vergeten en vergeven' en 'Doe zoals ge wenscht dat U gescheidt'. (Samenvatting door Marcel Coenders)

The Uncommercial Traveller by Charles Dickens The Uncommercial Traveller

The Uncommercial Traveller is a collection of literary sketches and reminiscences written by Charles Dickens. In 1859 Dickens founded a new journal called All the Year Round and the Uncommercial Traveller articles would be among his main contributions. He seems to have chosen the title and persona of the Uncommercial Traveller as a result of a speech he gave on the 22 December 1859 to the Commercial Travellers' School London in his role as honorary chairman and treasurer. The persona sits well with a writer who liked to travel, not only as a tourist, but also to research and report what he found; visiting Europe, America and giving book readings throughout Britain...

David Copperfield (NL) by Charles Dickens (Dutch) David Copperfield (NL)

David Copperfield is een roman van Charles Dickens uit 1850. Zoals in vroeger eeuwen tamelijk gebruikelijk was, had het boek in werkelijkheid een lange titel: The Personal History, Adventures, Experience and Observation of David Copperfield the Younger of Blunderstone Rookery (which he never meant to be published on any account). Zoals de meeste van de boeken van Dickens verscheen het eerst als feuilleton; in dit geval in de periode 1848-1850. In dit boek komen nogal wat elementen voor uit Dickens' eigen leven, en daarmee is David Copperfield waarschijnlijk de meest autobiografische roman van Dickens...

The Strange Gentleman by Charles Dickens The Strange Gentleman

Before he became a novelist, Dickens wrote several successful plays. This one from 1836, his first, he called, "A Comic Burletta in Two Acts". Characters arrive at a village inn called "The St. James Arms" and much confusion ensues.

Book cover Hunted Down: the detective stories of Charles Dickens
Juffrouw Lirriper en haar Commensalen by Charles Dickens (Dutch) Juffrouw Lirriper en haar Commensalen

Het kerstverhaal van 1863 Juffrouw Lirriper en haar kostganger Jakob Jackman zorgen voor de zoon van een voormalig bewoonster van het kosthuis. Als deze jongen naar kostschool gaat schrijft Jakob een verzameling verhalen op over de bewoners van het kosthuis.Hoofdstuk 1 en 7 vormen een doorlopend verhaal, de andere hoofdstukken zijn aparte korte verhalen. Het verhaal van hoofdstuk 1 en 7 krijgt een vervolg in 'Juffrouw Lirriper's Legaat' het kerstverhaal van 1864. (Inleiding door Marcel Coenders)

Wigilja Bożego Narodzenia by Charles Dickens (Polish) Wigilja Bożego Narodzenia

"Wigilja Bożego Narodzenia” jest wydanym w roku 1909 polskim przekładem opowiadania Karola Dickensa “A Christmas Carol” napisanym przez niego w roku 1843. Opowiada historiȩ nocy wigilijnej, w której wielkiego skąpca i samotnika, Ebenezera Scrooge, odwiedza pokutujący duch jego zmarłego wspólnika, ostrzegając go, że jeżeli nie zmieni sposobu życia, bȩdzie tak jak i on błąkał siȩ po śmierci okuty łańcuchami swoich win. Zapowiada wizyty trzech innych widm które ukazują Scrooge’owi wizje nocy wigilijnych z przeszłości, teraźniejszości i przyszłości. Jest to noc wielkich objawień, które na zawsze przemienią życie Scrooge’a."

In Londen en Parijs by Charles Dickens (Dutch) In Londen en Parijs

A Tale of Two Cities (Nederlands: In Londen en Parijs of De Geschiedenis van Twee Steden) is een roman van Charles Dickens, die zich afspeelt in Londen en Parijs ten tijde van de Franse Revolutie. De roman verscheen in wekelijkse afleveringen in het tijdschrift All the Year Round, tussen april en november 1859.

Mudfog and Other Sketches by Charles Dickens Mudfog and Other Sketches

The Mudfog Papers was written by Victorian era novelist Charles Dickens and published from 1837–38 in the monthly literary serial Bentley's Miscellany, which he then edited. They were first published as a book as 'The Mudfog Papers and Other Sketches. The Mudfog Papers relates the proceedings of the fictional 'The Mudfog Society for the Advancement of Everything', a Pickwickian parody of the British Association for the Advancement of Science founded in York in 1831, one of the numerous Victorian learned societies dedicated to the advancement of Science...

Juffrouw Lirriper's Legaat by Charles Dickens (Dutch) Juffrouw Lirriper's Legaat

De kerstverhalen van Charles Dickens uit het jaar 1864. Hoofdstuk 1 en 7 vormen een doorlopend verhaal dat het vervolg is van hoofdstuk 1 en 7 van het boek Juffrouw Lirriper en haar commensalen. De andere hoofdstukken zijn aparte korte verhalen. (Inleiding door Marcel Coenders)

Book cover (French) Cantique de Noël
Oliver Twist (Français) by Charles Dickens (French) Oliver Twist (Français)
Het Geheim van Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens (Dutch) Het Geheim van Edwin Drood

Het laatste maar onvoltooide werk van Charles Dickens. Een thriller waar de lezer dus zelf mag bedenken of verzinnen wie de dader is. En omdat het een echt Dickens verhaal is kan de lezer ook de happy ending bedenken. Zo kan iedere lezer een echte 'Droodian' worden en in de voetsporen van Sherlock Holmes treden want ook hij heeft zijn tanden stukgebeten op deze onopgeloste misdaad. (Samenvatting geschreven door Marcel Coenders)

Helena by Charles Dickens (Dutch) Helena

Twee korte verhalen van Charles Dickens verschenen in Household Words. 'Helena' is een stichtend verhaal over zuinigheid en verkwisting. Het tweede verhaal 'De Dief van de Koh-I-Noor' gaat over de succesvolle roof van de diamant die tegenwoordig in de Engelse kroon zit. (Samenvatting geschreven door Marcel Coenders)

Book cover The Magic Fishbone A Holiday Romance
De Pickwick-Club by Charles Dickens (Dutch) De Pickwick-Club

Dickens picareske verhaal over Samuel Pickwick en zijn vrienden (de ‘vurige’ Tracy Tupman, de ‘dichterlijke’ Augustus Snodgrass en de ‘sportieve’ Nathaniël Winkle) is eigenlijk nauwelijks een roman te noemen. Het lijkt vooral in het begin een losse bundeling schetsen van komische gebeurtenissen en ontmoetingen met merkwaardige figuren (zoals de verlopen acteur en oplichter Alfred Jingle), aaneengeregen door postkoetsen en herbergen. Het zien van de werkelijkheid kan het centrale thema worden genoemd van de roman...

Slechte Tijden by Charles Dickens (Dutch) Slechte Tijden

Een vader met wetenschappelijke, onderwijskundige en opvoedkundige idealen past deze idealen krachtdadig en consequent toe op zijn zoon en oudste dochter. De effecten van deze opvoeding zijn helaas anders dan door hem gewenst of voorspeld. Iets wat wel vaker gebeurt met krachtdadig toegepaste idealen. (Introductie door Marcel Coenders)

Maarten Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens (Dutch) Maarten Chuzzlewit

De familie Chuzzlewit is op jacht naar de erfenis van de oude Maarten Chuzzlewit. De kleinzoon, Martin Chuzzlewit, heeft daarnaast ook zijn oog laten vallen op de jonge en aantrekkelijke verzorgster van zijn opa. Een roman over zelfzucht. Speelt zich voor een deel af in de Verenigde Staten van Amerika. (Samenvatting Marcel Coenders)

Book cover Sketches by Boz, illustrative of everyday life and every-day people
De avonturen van Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens (Dutch) De avonturen van Oliver Twist
Book cover Pictures from Italy

e: Dickens takes time off his novels to give an account of travels which he and his family undertook in France and Italy. There are vivid descriptions of the places, but also of the people and their lives.

De Gedenkschriften van Jozef Grimaldi de Clown by Charles Dickens (Dutch) De Gedenkschriften van Jozef Grimaldi de Clown

De door Charles Dickens bewerkte autobiografie van Joseph Grimaldi (1778-1837). De eerste clown die zijn gezicht wit schminkte.

Book cover The Letters of Charles Dickens Vol. 1, 1833-1856
Book cover Holiday Romance
Book cover A Message from the Sea
Book cover Captain Boldheart & the Latin-Grammar Master
Book cover Charles Dickens' Children Stories
Book cover Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices
Book cover Mugby Junction
Dickens' Stories About Children Every Child Can Read by Charles Dickens Dickens' Stories About Children Every Child Can Read
Book cover Master Humphrey's Clock
Book cover (Finnish) David Copperfield nuoremman elämäkertomus ja kokemukset
Book cover The Trial of William Tinkling
Book cover To Be Read at Dusk
Book cover (French) David Copperfield
Book cover The Holly-Tree
Book cover Doctor Marigold
Book cover (French) Les grandes espérances
Book cover The Lamplighter; a farce in one act
Book cover (French) Aventures de Monsieur Pickwick
Book cover Somebody's Luggage
Book cover Tom Tiddler's Ground
Book cover Reprinted Pieces
Book cover Perils of Certain English Prisoners
Book cover Mrs. Lirriper's Legacy
Book cover Going into Society
Book cover Mrs. Lirriper's Lodgings
Book cover Sketches of Young Couples
Book cover (French) Le grillon du foyer
Book cover Speeches: Literary and Social
Book cover Sunday under Three Heads
Book cover The Poems and Verses of Charles Dickens
Book cover All the Year Round: Contributions
Book cover George Silverman's Explanation
Book cover (French) Le magasin d'antiquités
Book cover Sketches of Young Gentlemen
Book cover Mugby Junction
Book cover (French) Les conteurs à la ronde
Book cover (French) Barnabé Rudge
Book cover Miscellaneous Papers
Book cover (Finnish) Christmas carol. Finnish.
Book cover (Esperanto) La Batalo de l' Vivo
Book cover (Finnish) Mugbyn risteys
Book cover (Finnish) Ilman menestyksettä Joulukertomus
Book cover (Finnish) Kamala yösija
Book cover (Finnish) Sanoma merellä
Book cover Tale of Two Cities (version 3)

A Tale of Two Cities is a novel by Charles Dickens, set in London and Paris before and during the French Revolution. With well over 200 million copies sold, it ranks among the most famous works in the history of fictional literature. The novel depicts the plight of the French peasantry demoralized by the French aristocracy in the years leading up to the revolution, the corresponding brutality demonstrated by the revolutionaries toward the former aristocrats in the early years of the revolution, and many unflattering social parallels with life in London during the same time period...

Book cover Great Expectations (version 2)

Great Expectations is written in the first person and is virtually a fictional autobiography of “Pip” from his childhood, through often painful experiences, to adulthood. It charts his progress as he moves from the Kent marshes - his social status radically changed having gained an unknown benefactor - to busy commercial London. The book is richly populated with a variety of extraordinary characters many of whom, unbeknownst to them, have lives that are inextricably linked to the others. It is all there, love, hate, passion, humour, rejection, duplicity, betrayal, a whole gamut of emotions and human strengths and weaknesses ...

Book cover (German) David Copperfield (deutsch)

David Copperfield, Originaltitel 'David Copperfield or The Personal History Experience and Observation of David Copperfield the Younger of Blunderstone Rookery' ist ein Bildungsroman des englischen Schriftstellers Charles Dickens aus dem Jahr 1849. Der Roman erzählt die Lebensgeschichte von David Copperfield, hinter dem sich der Autor selbst in verfremdeter Form verbirgt. Man erfährt von David Copperfields Werdegang und langsamem Erwachsenwerden. Die Erzählung lebt von den zahlreichen (berühmt gewordenen) Figuren, die seinen Weg kreuzen, ihn einen Teil seines Lebens begleiten, verschwinden und wieder auftauchen. (Zusammenfassung von Wikipedia)

Book cover (Dutch) Klok van Meester Humphrey

Enkele korte verhalen uit het weekblad 'De klok van meester Humphrey'. In dit blad zijn 'Nelly' en 'Barnaby Rudge' gepubliceerd. 'Schetsen van Boz' wordt aangekondigd. Samuel Pickwick en Sam Weller uit de 'Pickwick Papers' zijn personages in enkele van de verhalen. (Samenvatting geschreven door Marcel Coenders)

Book cover Village Coquettes

Before he started writing novels, Charles Dickens tried his hand at theater. The Village Coquettes is a two act musical. Sadly the music was lost long ago so this will be a spoken version. This play completes the recording of the relatively unknown plays of Dickens in celebration of his 200th birthday!

Book cover Tale of Two Cities (version 4)

A small group of people become embroiled in the tumultuous events of the French Revolution.

Book cover Hard Times (version 2), Locked Out and On Strike

Hard Times was Dickens's shortest novel and the only one to be set in the industrial north of England. A fast moving story with a typical cast of larger than life characters, the novel is a vehicle for a humanist critique of both utilitarian education ('Teach these boys and girls nothing but facts', says Mr. Gradgrind in the opening paragraph) and the mutual antagonism between capital and the trade union. A humanist education system, it turns out, is Dickens's solution to the class struggle. Hard Times is set in the fictional Coketown and was partly inspired by a visit to Preston during the factory lockout that brought the town's industry to a standstill in 1853...

Book cover Christmas Carol (version 7)

The classic Christmas story of an old miser and the astonishing effect a series of ghostly visitors has upon him. This version has been read in a whisper and is perfect for night-time listening in a quiet room. The low volume is intentional!

Book cover Christmas Carol (version 6)

The tale begins on a Christmas Eve exactly seven years after the death of Ebenezer Scrooge's business partner. Scrooge has no place in his life for kindness, compassion, charity or benevolence. He hates Christmas, calling it "humbug", refuses his nephew Fred's dinner invitation, and rudely turns away two gentlemen who seek a donation from him to provide a Christmas dinner for the Poor...

Book cover Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain (version 2)

The last of Dickens' Christmas novellas (1848), The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain centres around Professor Redlaw, a teacher of chemistry, whose personal life has been marred by sorrow and, he feels, by wrongs done to him in his past. He is haunted by his ghostly twin, who offers him the opportunity to forget completely all 'sorrow, wrong and trouble', claiming that this will make him happier. Redlaw wavers, but finally accepts this offer, discovering too late that there are conditions attached to it which cause him to infect with this unwanted 'gift' nearly everyone with whom he comes in contact...

Book cover (German) Weihnachtsabend (Eine Geistergeschichte) (Version 2)

Am Heiligen Abend erscheint dem alten Geizhals Scrooge der Geist seines verstorbenen Geschäftspartners Marley, der zu Lebzeiten noch schlimmer als Scrooge war, - und prophezeit diesem ein düsteres Ende für den Fall, dass er sein Leben nicht grundlegend ändere. Danach zeigt sich der Geist der vergangenen Weihnacht, welcher Scrooge in seine Kindheit zurückversetzt, gefolgt vom Geist der gegenwärtigen Weihnacht, der ihn ins Haus seines ärmlich lebenden Schreibers Cratchit und dessen Familie sowie in das Haus seines Neffen geleitet. ... Am Ende begegnet er gar seinem eigenen zukünftigen Tod. Wird dies zu einer Läuterung führen? - (Zusammengefasst von crowwings)

Book cover Great Expectations (Version 3)

In one of Charles Dickens’ most beloved stories, Philip Pirrip, known as “Pip”, narrates his own journey, from the hindsight of 50 years. Pip grows up with his older sister after losing his parents at a very early age. His sister, a tough unloving woman, rules Pip and her gentle husband Joe with an iron hand. During Pip's 7th year, while playing in the marshes, he is accosted by an escaped criminal whom he decides to help by stealing food from his own home. But the convict is caught and returned to prison...

Book cover (Dutch) Dombey en Zoon

De trotse Dombey, eigenaar van het handelskantoor 'Dombey en zoon', heeft zich als doel in zijn leven gesteld zich in zijn bedrijf te laten opvolgen door zijn zoon. Pas nadat hij zijn zoon, zijn geld, zijn vrouw, zijn tweede vrouw en zijn bedrijf is kwijtgeraakt ontdekt hij wat belangrijk in het leven is. Een roman over trots en vrouwenemancipatie. (Samenvatting door Marcel Coenders)

Book cover (Dutch) Een reiziger, die geen handel drijft

Een serie journalistieke artikelen uit het tijdschrift 'All the Year round' geschreven in de periode 1860 - 1869. In deze artikelen worden veel sociale misstanden van het 19de-eeuwse Engeland beschreven. Samenvatting geschreven door Marcel Coenders.

Book cover (Dutch) Onze Wederzijdsche Vriend

De laatste door Charles Dickens voltooide roman (geschreven in 1864 - 1865). John Harmon, de zoon van een rijke vuilnisman, krijgt de erfenis van zijn overleden vader als hij met de op geld beluste Bella Wilfer trouwt. Een roman over geld, wat geld met mensen kan doen en wat mensen met geld kunnen bewerkstelligen. (Samenvatting geschreven door Marcel Coenders)

Book cover Dombey and Son (version 3)

To Paul Dombey, the business is everything, and he must have a son who will learn the business and eventually inherit it. Will his newborn, but sickly son be the fulfilment of his hopes and dreams? And what about his daughter Florence, who made the mistake of being born a girl?

Book cover (Dutch) Verlaten Huis

Verhaal over een zeer langdurig en vooral kostbaar juridisch proces, dat uiteindelijk toch tot een einde komt. In schril contrast met de nobele arts en sobere huishoudster worden de advocaten stevig bekritiseerd. (Samenvatting door Marcel Coenders)

Book cover (Dutch) Groote Verwachtingen

De arme wees Pip komt in goede doen, wordt een vreselijke snob, maar na financiële tegenslagen komt hij toch weer op het rechte pad. Samenvatting geschreven door Marcel Coenders

Book cover Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit (version 2)

Martin Chuzzlewit was Dickens 6th novel, serially published in 1843 - 44. Irrespective of the fact that Dickens considered - "Chuzzlewit is in 100 points immeasurably the best of my stories"- it failed to resonate with, or capture the public's imagination as many of its predecessors had done. However by the1850s its popularity had risen and it eventually found recognition as the great novel that it is.The beginning is somewhat protracted but the prose is magnificent throughout. The theme of the story is about selfishness and obstinacy...

Book cover Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (Version 3)

Nicholas Nickleby was Dickens's third novel following on from Pickwick Papers and Oliver twist. It has a cast of wonderful characters that include Wackford Squeers, the reprehensible and villainous headmaster whose reign of terror at his school in Yorkshire resulted in the abuse and deaths of many of his unwanted and orphaned children, Mr Vincent Crummles and his hilariously inept touring company, the munificent Cheeryble brothers, Ralph Nickleby, Nicholas's uncle, a mean spirited man who is driven...

Book cover Christmas Stories From 'Household Words' And 'All The Year Round'

Twenty stories originally published in the Christmas editions of the magazines “Household Words” and “All The Year Round”. Some of the stories have little holiday sentiment and exhibit much of the indignation Dickens felt at the social and economic injustices of his day. Some of the stories were written in collaboration with other authors. The editor of this volume chose to omit those other chapters and include only Dickens' work. The result is that some of the stories are a bit choppy, not to say confusing.

Book cover Christmas Books

From 1843 to 1848, Charles Dickens wrote a series of five novellas to be published at Christmas. Most people are familiar with the first, "A Christmas Carol." The others are "The Chimes," "The Cricket on the Hearth," "The Battle of Life," and "The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain."

Book cover Christmas Carol - Condensed by the Author for his Dramatic Readings

This very special abridged version was written and performed by Dickens himself during his American Tour of 1862. Without the more terrifying and dark elements of the full length novel, its hour and a half length, and its lighter, comedic style makes this a family listening experience suited for all ages. ( Michael Armenta)

Book cover Little Dorrit (Version 2)

Little Dorrit, one of the three great novels of Charles Dickens’ last period, was produced in monthly installments from 1855 to 1857, and is considered one of his most profound. Dickens’ father spent three months in Marshalsea Prison for debt, which made a lasting impact on his life. This story centers around life in Marshalsea Prison and, as always, society in general.Book One begins in the infamous Marseilles Prison in France, where two prisoners, Rigaud the French rogue and the ever cheerful Italian Cavaletto, share a cell...

Book cover (Dutch) Schetsen van Boz

Het eerste literaire werk van Charles Dickens gepubliceerd onder zijn pseudoniem BOZ. Korte verhalen over alledaagse mensen in alledaagse situaties. (Samenvatting door Marcel Coenders)

Book cover David Copperfield - Condensed by the Author for his Dramatic Readings in America

"This short collection of 6 selected scenes from "David Copperfield" were abridged and performed by Dickens himself during his American Tour of 1867 and 1868."

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