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By: Fujiwara no Teika

Ogura Hyakunin Isshu by Fujiwara no Teika Ogura Hyakunin Isshu

Hyakunin isshu (百人一首) is a traditional style of compiling Japanese waka poetry where each contributor writes one poem for the anthology.

By: John Meade Falkner (1858-1932)

Book cover 雲形紋章

By: Martin Luther (1483-1546)

Book cover マルチン・ルターの小信仰問答書

By: Marie Belloc Lowndes (1868-1947)

Book cover 下宿人

By: Matsuo Bashō (1644-1694)

Oku no Hosomichi by Matsuo Bashō Oku no Hosomichi

Oku no Hosomichi (meaning Narrow Road to Oku [the Deep North]) is a major work by Matsuo Bashō. Oku no Hosomichi was written based on a journey taken by Bashō in the late spring of 1689. He and his traveling companion Sora departed from Edo (modern-day Tokyo) for the northerly interior region known as Oku, propelled mostly by a desire to see the places about which the old poets wrote. Travel in those days was, of course, very dangerous to one’s health, but Bashō was committed to a kind of poetic ideal of wandering. He travelled for about 156 days all together, covering thousands of miles mostly on foot. Of all of Bashō’s works, Oku no Hosomichi is best known.

By: Edward Phillips Oppenheim (1866-1946)

Book cover 入れかわった男

By: Leonid Nikolayevich Andreyev (1871-1919)

Book cover 血笑記

By: Raymond F. Jones (1915-1994)

Book cover Kasei no kioku

By: Ryunosuke Akutagawa (1892-1927)

Book cover 羅生門

By: Junichiro Tanizaki (1886-1965)

Book cover 刺靑
Book cover Atsumono

By: 永井荷風 (Kafu Nagai)

Book cover あめりか物語 (Amerika Monogatari)

By: Saneatsu Mushanokoji (1885-1976)

Book cover 友情
お目出たき人 by Saneatsu Mushanokoji お目出たき人

By: Hakuchō Masamune (1879-1962)

Book cover 何處へ (Doko e)

文学部を卒業して一年たつ菅原健次は雑誌記者として働いていて、妹二人と両親の五人で上野の近くに暮らしている。雑誌の仕事への興味を失い、自分でもどこに行くか分からなくなっている。そんな状態の彼の、同級生、織田、箕浦、久保田、そして桂田博士とその夫人などとの交遊が描かれている。Suganuma Kenji, who graduated from the Faculty of Literature a year ago, works as a magzine reporter. He lives near Ueno with his 2 sisters and his parents. He lost interests in his job and he doesn't know where to go. He meets his former classmates and his professor.

By: Kafu Nagai (1879-1959)

Book cover 腕くらべ

By: Kuni Sasaki

法螺男爵旅土産 by Kuni Sasaki 法螺男爵旅土産

By: Mimei Ogawa (1882-1961)

Akai Rosoku to Ningyo by Mimei Ogawa Akai Rosoku to Ningyo

Red Candles and a Mermaid, the masterpiece of OGAWA Mimei (1882-1961) appeared on The Newspaper Tokyo-Asahi in 1921. A mermaid was raised by an elderly couple. She painted on candles and made their business prosper. But the couple became greedy and sold their daughter to a circus.

By: Nankichi Niimi (1913-1943)

幼年童話 (Yonen Dowa) by Nankichi Niimi 幼年童話 (Yonen Dowa)

新見南吉は、1935年の5月頃、約30本の幼年童話を書きました。しかしそれらは、編集者に受け入れられませんでした。彼は、50本程の幼年童話を書きました。ほとんどは、死後に発行されました。この幼年童話集は、そにうち、25本を含みます。 NIIMI Nankichi wrote around 30 short stories for small children around May in 1935 to publish a book. However, they were not accepted by the publisher. In total he wrote around 50 stories for small children, most of them were published after his death. This collection includes 25 of those stories.

By: Osamu Dazai (1909-1948)

グッド・バイ (Good-Bye) by Osamu Dazai グッド・バイ (Good-Bye)

In the spring of 1948, he was working on a novelette scheduled to be serialized in the Asahi Shimbun newspaper, titled Guddo bai (Goodbye). On 13 June 1948, Dazai and Tomie finally succeeded in killing themselves, drowning in the rain-swollen Tamagawa Canal near his house. Their bodies were not discovered until June 19, which by eerie coincidence was his 39th birthday.

By: Michizou Tachihara (1914-1939)

Wasuregusaniyosu by Michizou Tachihara Wasuregusaniyosu


By: Ryunosuke Akutagawa (1892-1927)

杜子春 (Toshisyun) by Ryunosuke Akutagawa 杜子春 (Toshisyun)

Toshisyun was published on Akaitori (a magazine for children) in 1920. It's based on a story in China.

By: Yoshio Toyoshima (1890-1955)

コーカサスの禿鷹 (Caucasus no Hagetaka) by Yoshio Toyoshima コーカサスの禿鷹 (Caucasus no Hagetaka)

豊島与志雄 (1890-1955) は、『レ・ミゼラブル』や、『ジャン・クリストフ』の翻訳で知られている。しかし、多数の児童文学の作品を書いている。多作で、青空文庫には、300タイトル以上が登録されている。『コーカサスの禿鷹』は、禿鷹が一番高い山を探し求める話である。最後に、高い山がどれか分かった時、禿鷹は、雷に打たれ死んでしまうという結末を迎える。 TOYOSHIMA Yoshio is known as the translator for 'Les Misérables' and 'Jean Christophe', but he also wrote numerous books for children...

By: Sakutaro Hagiwara (1886-1942)

Junjyoshokyokusyu by Sakutaro Hagiwara Junjyoshokyokusyu

萩原朔太郎の第4詩集です。文語調自由詩28編が収録されています。愛憐詩篇の18編は、作者が自由詩を始めた初期の作品です。郷土望景詩の10編は作者30代の時の作品で、前橋の風物を詠じています。口語自由詩を確立した作者の文語自由詩をお楽しみ下さい。The author's fourth collection of poetry. It includes 28 poems.

By: Natsume Sōseki (1867-1916)

二百十日 (Nihyakutouka) by Natsume Sōseki 二百十日 (Nihyakutouka)


Book cover 硝子戸の中 (Garasudono uchi)

'Garasudono uchi' is Natsume Sōseki's last essay, which was written between 'Kokoro' & 'Michikusa'. 『硝子戸の中』(がらすどのうち)は、『こゝろ』と『道草』の間に書かれた夏目漱石最後の随筆である。

By: Soseki Natsume (1867-1916)

永日小品 (Eijitsu Syohin) by Soseki Natsume 永日小品 (Eijitsu Syohin)

This is a collection of essays by Soseki Natsume. They were published in the Asahi Newspaper in 1909. Included are essays about daily life in Tokyo and his experiences in London. これは、夏目漱石の随筆集です。1909年に朝日新聞に連載されました。東京での日常生活、ロンドンでの経験などが含まれています。

By: Kyōka Izumi (1873-1939)

Book cover 歌行灯 (Utaandon)

二人の老人が桑名の駅に降り立った。彼らは、伊勢から東京への帰路で、そこの宿に泊まった。若い男、流しの歌い手が桑名のうどん屋で休みをとった。この二つの話が平行して語られ、最後にひとつに混じり合う。Two elderly men get off the train at Kuwana Station. They are on the way back from Ise to Tokyo and they stay at an inn in Kuwana. A young man, a travelling singer, rests at a noodle shop in Kuwana. The stories of the men parallel each other and merge at the end. The book has been translated into English as "A Song by Lantern Light".

By: Ōgai Mori (1862-1922)

Book cover 雁 (Gan)


By: Shuusei Tokuda (1871-1943)

Book cover めぐりあひ (Meguriai)


By: Sōseki Natsume (1867-1916)

Book cover 野分 (Nowaki)

「野分」は、明治末、路面電車と人力車が走っていた東京が舞台です。3人の作家を巡る物語です。白井道也は、地方の中学を3つやめてから、文筆で、世を覚醒することを志します。高柳周作と中野輝一は、大学を卒業したばかりの同級生です。高柳君は、貧しく、中野君は裕福です。白井道也が、中野君を取材したことから、3人に接点が出来ます。高柳君は、だんだんと白井道也の考えに傾倒していきます。 The scene is Tokyo around 1900, where tramways and 'cars pulled by men' were running. This a story about 3 writers.

By: Osamu Dazai (1909-1948)

Book cover ろまん燈籠 (Roman Dourou)

グリム童話のラプンツェルに設定が似た物語を、5人の兄弟姉妹が、正月に連作するという話。On new year's day 5 brothers & sisters write a story similar to Grimm Brothers' Rapunzel.

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