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Species Plantarum Sections XI-XIII   By: (1707-1778)

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[Transcriber's Note:

This text is intended for readers who cannot use the "real" (unicode, UTF 8) version. The author used four common astronomical symbols, here replaced by names in brackets and accompanied by their meaning as given in the author's introduction:

[Saturn] Fruiting [Jupiter] Perennial [Mars] Biannual [Sun] Annual

[] ("dagger") plants known only from imperfect specimens [oe] "oe" ligature (generally not used in names) [alpha], [beta], [gamma] ... single Greek letters

In the original text, species and subspecies names were printed as sidenotes next to the first line of body text. In this e text they are shown in brackets on a separate line:

[ Species. ] (italicized) [Subspecies.] (not italicized)

The body text begins with a numeral (for species) or Greek letter (for subspecies).

Asterisks and question marks are in the original.

A number of typographical errors were corrected. Details are listed at the end of the text.]

Classis XI.


Stamina inter XI & XIX inclusive



[ europæum. ]

1. Asarum foliis reniformibus obtusis binis.

Asarum foliis subcordatis petiolatis. Hort. cliff. 178. Fl. suec. 392. Mat. med. 219. Guett. stamp. 198. Roy. lugdb. 207.

Asarum. Bauh. pin. 197. Cam. epit. 19.

Habitat in Europæ nemoribus. [Jupiter]

[ canadense. ]

2. Asarum foliis reniformibus mucronatis.

Asarum foliis subcordatis petiolatis. Gron. virg. 52.

Asarum canadense, mucronato folio. Moris. hist. 3. p. 511. s. 13. t. 7. f. 4.

Asarum canadense. Corn. canad. 24. t. 25.

Habitat in Canada . [Jupiter]

An varietas præcedentis; sic suadent Folia bina; dissuadent alia.

[ virginicum. ]

3. Asarum foliis cordatis obtusis glabris petiolatis. Gron. virg. 162.

Asarum virginianum, pistolochiæ foliis subrotundis, cyclaminis more maculatis. Pluk. alm. 53. t. 78. f. 2. Moris. hist. 3. p. 511. s. 17. t. 7. f. 3.

Habitat in Virginia , terra Mariana , Carolina . [Jupiter]

[ Hypocistis. ]

4. Asarum foliis sessilibus imbricatis, floribus quadrifidis. Mat. med. 220.

Asarum aphyllum squamosum. Sauv. monsp. 4.

Hypocistis. Bauh. pin. 465. Cam. epit. 96. 97. Clus. hist. 1. p. 68. 79.

Habitat in Hispania , Lusitania parasitica cisti.


[ afra. ]

1. Gethyllis. Hort. cliff. 493.

Habitat in Africa .

Statura Croci.


[ conjugata. ]

1. Rhizophora foliis ovato oblongis obtusiusculis integerrimis, calycibus sessibilibus, fructibus cylindraceo subulatis. Fl. zeyl. 181.

Habitat in India . [Saturn]

[ gymnorhiza. ]

2. Rhizophora foliis ovato lanceolatis integerrimis, radice terræ superimposita.

Rhizophora calycum laciniis persistentibus patentibus versus fructum incurvatis. Wachend. ult. 89.

Candel. Rheed. mal. 6. p. 57. t. 31. 32. Raj. hist. 1769.

Habitat in Indiæ ripis salsis. [Saturn]

[ Candel. ]

3. Rhizophora foliis obtusis, pedunculis bigeminatis folio longioribus, fructibus subulatis.

Tsierou Kandel. Rheed. mal. 6. p. 63. t. 35. Raj. hist. 1770.

Habitat in Indiæ salsis. [Saturn]

[ Mangle. ]

4. Rhizophora foliis acutis, fructibus subulato clavatis.

Rhizophora segmentis calycum persistentibus reflexis, fructu acuminato. Wach. ultr. 90.

Magles aquatica, foliis subrotundis & punctatis. Plum. gen. 13.

Mangle pyri foliis, cum siliquis longis, ficui indicæ affinis. Bauh. hist. 1. p. 415. Sloan. jam. 155. hist. 2. p. 63.

Peekandel. Rheed. mal. 66. p. 91. t. 34. Raj. hist. 1770.

Habitat in paludibus Caribæarum , Malabariæ . [Saturn]

[ cylindrica. ]

5. Rhizophora fructibus cylindricis obtusis... Continue reading book >>

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