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By: Andrew Jackson Howell (1869-1947)

Book cover Money Island

By: James Mactear

Book cover On the Antiquity of the Chemical Art

By: Joseph Barber Lightfoot (1828-1889)

Book cover Essays on the work entitled "Supernatural Religion"

By: William Henry Seward (1801-1872)

Book cover Life and Public Services of John Quincy Adams Sixth President of the Unied States With the Eulogy Delivered Before the Legislature of New York

By: Théodore Licquet (1787-1832)

Book cover Rouen, Its History and Monuments A Guide to Strangers

By: L. E. (Lucius Eugene) Chittenden (1824-1900)

Book cover A Report of the Debates and Proceedings in the Secret Sessions of the Conference Convention For Proposing Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, Held at Washington, D.C., in February, A.D. 1861

By: Richard B. (Richard Biddle) Irwin (1839-1892)

Book cover History of the Nineteenth Army Corps

By: Ira L. (Ira Louis) Reeves (1872-1939)

Book cover Bamboo Tales

By: Jasper Leonidas McBrien (1867-)

Book cover America First Patriotic Readings

By: A. G. (Andrew George) Little (1863-1945)

Book cover Mediæval Wales Chiefly in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries: Six Popular Lectures

By: Iraq Study Group (U.S.)

Book cover The Iraq Study Group Report

By: John M. (John Mullin) Batten (1837-1916)

Book cover Reminiscences of Two Years in the United States Navy

By: Emily Richings

Book cover Through the Malay Archipelago

By: John Lockwood (1826?-1901)

Book cover Our campaign around Gettysburg Being a memorial of what was endured, suffered and accomplished by the Twenty-third regiment

By: Edmund Lester Pearson (1880-1937)

Book cover Theodore Roosevelt

By: Thomas Cochrane Dundonald (1775-1860)

Book cover Narrative of Services in the Liberation of Chili, Peru and Brazil, from Spanish and Portuguese Domination, Volume 1

By: John McLean (1799-1890)

Book cover Notes of a Twenty-Five Years' Service in the Hudson's Bay Territory Volume II.
Book cover Notes of a Twenty-Five Years' Service in the Hudson's Bay Territory Volume I.

By: Thomas Cochrane Dundonald (1775-1860)

Book cover Narrative of Services in the Liberation of Chili, Peru and Brazil, from Spanish and Portuguese Domination, Volume 2

By: J. J. (John Jacob) Thomas (1841?-1889)

Book cover West Indian Fables

By: Henry Stevens (1819-1886)

Book cover Thomas Hariot, the Mathematician, the Philosopher and the Scholar

By: W. H. R. (William Henry Ricketts) Curtler (1862-1925)

Book cover A Short History of English Agriculture

By: John Crombie Brown (-1879?)

Book cover The Ethics of George Eliot's Works

By: James William Head (1883-)

Book cover History and Comprehensive Description of Loudoun County, Virginia

By: William G. Allen (fl. 1849-1853)

Book cover The American Prejudice Against Color An Authentic Narrative, Showing How Easily The Nation Got Into An Uproar.

By: Edward Osler (1798-1863)

Book cover The Life of Admiral Viscount Exmouth

By: Harris Dickson (1868-1946)

Book cover The Black Wolf's Breed A Story of France in the Old World and the New, happening in the Reign of Louis XIV

By: J. Q. (James Quay) Howard (1836-1912)

Book cover The Life, Public Services and Select Speeches of Rutherford B. Hayes

By: George D. Wolf (1923-)

Book cover The Fair Play Settlers of the West Branch Valley, 1769-1784 A Study of Frontier Ethnography

By: Homer B. (Homer Baxter) Sprague (1829-1918)

Book cover Lights and Shadows in Confederate Prisons A Personal Experience, 1864-5

By: Elizabeth Ware [Editor] Pearson

Book cover Letters from Port Royal Written at the Time of the Civil War (1862-1868)

By: Francis Buckley (1881-1949)

Book cover Q.6.a and Other places Recollections of 1916, 1917 and 1918

By: Arthur Louis Keyser (1856-1924)

Book cover From Jungle to Java The Trivial Impressions of a Short Excursion to Netherlands India

By: W. Hastings Macaulay

Book cover Kathay: A Cruise in the China Seas

By: Isabel Savory

Book cover In the Tail of the Peacock

By: Margaret Williamson (1886-)

Book cover John and Betty's History Visit

By: Gilbert W. (Gilbert Wolf) Gabriel (1890-1952)

Book cover The Seven-Branched Candlestick The Schooldays of Young American Jew

By: Charles Kingston O'Mahony (1884-)

Book cover The Viceroys of Ireland

By: Young Ewing Allison (1853-1932)

Book cover The Delicious Vice

By: James Harrison

Book cover The Life of the Right Honourable Horatio Lord Viscount Nelson, Volume 1

By: Stephen Coleridge (1854-1936)

Book cover The Glory of English Prose Letters to My Grandson

By: Theresa Delaney (1849-1913)

Book cover Two Months in the Camp of Big Bear

By: Stephen Angus Cox

Book cover The Dare Boys of 1776

By: John Williams (1727-1798)

Book cover An Enquiry into the Truth of the Tradition, Concerning the Discovery of America, by Prince Madog ab Owen Gwynedd, about the Year, 1170

By: A. D. (August D.) Luckhoff

Book cover Woman's Endurance

By: Edward John Thompson (1886-1946)

Book cover The Leicestershires beyond Baghdad

By: Margaret Devereux

Book cover Plantation Sketches

By: George H. Devol (1829-1903)

Book cover Forty Years a Gambler on the Mississippi

By: Caroline C. Leighton

Book cover Life at Puget Sound: With Sketches of Travel in Washington Territory, British Columbia, Oregon and California

By: Grant Martin Overton (1887-1930)

Book cover When Winter Comes to Main Street

By: Benjamin Waterhouse (1754-1846)

Book cover A Journal of a Young Man of Massachusetts, 2nd ed.

By: James Aitken Wylie (1808-1890)

Book cover Pilgrimage from the Alps to the Tiber Or The Influence of Romanism on Trade, Justice, and Knowledge

By: John Hoyland (1750-1831)

Book cover A Historical Survey of the Customs, Habits, & Present State of the Gypsies

By: John Leacock (1729-1802)

Book cover The Fall of British Tyranny American Liberty Triumphant

By: Gerald B. (Gerald Berkeley) Hurst (1877-1957)

Book cover With Manchesters in the East

By: John Dennis (1825-1911)

Book cover The Age of Pope (1700-1744)

By: W. (William) Pridden (1810-)

Book cover Australia, its history and present condition containing an account both of the bush and of the colonies, with their respective inhabitants

By: J. D. (John Daniel) Kestell (1854-1941)

Book cover The peace negotiations between the governments of the South African Republic and the Orange Free State, and the representatives of the British government, which terminated in the peace concluded at Vereeniging on the 31st May, 1902

By: William Alexander Linn (1846-1917)

Book cover The Story of the Mormons, from the date of their origin to the year 1901

By: Edward Hayes (fl. 1580.)

Book cover Sir Humphrey Gilbert's Voyage to Newfoundland

By: Clinton W. (Clinton Wallace) Gilbert (1871-1933)

Book cover The Mirrors of Washington

By: William H. (William Harris) Wharton (1802-1839)

Book cover Texas : a Brief Account of the Origin, Progress and Present State of the Colonial Settlements of Texas; Together with an Exposition of the Causes which have induced the Existing War with Mexico

By: Marian Minnie George (1865-)

Book cover Little Journey to Puerto Rico For Intermediate and Upper Grades

By: Hugh Dalton Dalton (1887-1962)

Book cover With British Guns in Italy A Tribute to Italian Achievement

By: William Apess (1798-1839)

Book cover Indian Nullification of the Unconstitutional Laws of Massachusetts Relative to the Marshpee Tribe Or, the Pretended Riot Explained

By: James Johnstone Johnstone (1719-1800)

Book cover The Campaign of 1760 in Canada A Narrative Attributed to Chevalier Johnstone

By: James Constantine Pilling (1846-1895)

Book cover Catalogue Of Linguistic Manuscripts In The Library Of The Bureau Of Ethnology. (1881 N 01 / 1879-1880 (Pages 553-578))

By: Robert B. Booth (1843?-)

Book cover Five Years in New Zealand 1859 to 1864

By: Hugh Gibson (1883-1954)

Book cover A Journal From Our Legation in Belgium

By: Inez Bigwood

Book cover Winning a Cause World War Stories

By: William Edward Dodd (1869-1940)

Book cover Expansion and Conflict

By: Walter Poole Littlechild

Book cover A Short Account of King's College Chapel

By: Pedro Sancho

Book cover An Account of the Conquest of Peru

By: John Cadwalader (1742-1786)

Book cover Nuts for Future Historians to Crack

By: Maude Ward Lafferty (1869-1962)

Book cover A Pioneer Railway of the West

By: William Delisle Hay

Book cover Brighter Britain! (Volume 1 of 2) or Settler and Maori in Northern New Zealand

By: Moses Coit Tyler (1835-1900)

Book cover Patrick Henry

By: Dee Day

Book cover Getting to know Spain

By: E. A. (Ernest Alexander) Cruikshank (1853-1939)

Book cover Battle of Fort George A paper read on March 14th, 1896

By: Mary Hazelton Blanchard Wade (1860-1936)

Book cover Bertha Our Little German Cousin

By: Reuben Gold Thwaites (1853-1913)

Afloat on the Ohio by Reuben Gold Thwaites Afloat on the Ohio

Afloat on the Ohio, An Historical Pilgrimage, of a Thousand Miles in a Skiff, From Redstone to Cairo.There were four of us pilgrims—my Wife, our Boy of ten and a half years, the Doctor, and I. My object in going—the others went for the outing—was to gather "local color" for work in Western history. The Ohio River was an important factor in the development of the West. I wished to know the great waterway intimately in its various phases,—to see with my own eyes what the borderers saw; in imagination, to redress the pioneer stage, and repeople it. ( From the Preface )

By: Bertram Lenox Simpson (1877-1930)

Book cover The Fight for the Republic in China

By: George W. (George Walter) Caldwell (1866-1946)

Book cover The Legends of San Francisco

By: Maria Antonia Field (1885-)

Book cover Chimes of Mission Bells; an historical sketch of California and her missions

By: A. H. J. (Abel Hendy Jones) Greenidge (1865-1906)

Book cover A History of Rome During the Later Republic and Early Principate

By: Albert Rhys Williams (1883-1962)

Book cover In the Claws of the German Eagle

By: S. A. (Simon Ansley) Ferrall (-1844)

Book cover A Ramble of Six Thousand Miles through the United States of America

By: Joseph Noad (1823-1898)

Book cover Lecture on the Aborigines of Newfoundland Delivered Before the Mechanics' Institute, at St. John's, Newfoundland, on Monday, 17th January, 1859

By: Gipsy Smith (1860-1947)

Book cover Your Boys

By: Enos Herbert Glynne Roberts

Book cover The Story of the "9th King's" in France

By: Davy (An Englishman)

Book cover The Insurrection in Paris

By: William Holden Hutton (1860-1930)

Book cover The Church and the Barbarians Being an Outline of the History of the Church from A.D. 461 to A.D. 1003

By: W. P. (William Peter) Strickland (1809-1884)

Book cover Old Mackinaw Or, The Fortress of the Lakes and its Surroundings

By: George Edmund Haynes (1880-1960)

Book cover The Negro at Work in New York City A Study in Economic Progress

By: Gottfried Achenwall (1719-1772)

Book cover Achenwall's Observations on North America

By: Needom N. Freeman

Book cover A Soldier in the Philippines

By: George Sturt (1863-1927)

Book cover Change in the Village

By: Stuart J. (Stuart Johnson) Reid (1848-1927)

Book cover Lord John Russell

By: Horace Curzon Plunkett (1854-1932)

Book cover Ireland In The New Century

By: James B. (James Burgess) Stetson (1832-1909)

Book cover San Francisco During the Eventful Days of April 1906

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