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By: Owahyah

Book cover Birch Bark Legends of Niagara

By: Harriot Stanton Blatch (1856-1940)

Book cover Mobilizing Woman-Power

By: Ralph Birdsall (1871-1918)

Book cover The Story of Cooperstown

By: Helen Hayes Gleason

Book cover Golden Lads

By: Theodore Clarke Smith (1870-1960)

Book cover The Wars Between England and America

By: William Gates (1863-1940)

Book cover Commentary Upon the Maya-Tzental Perez Codex with a Concluding Note Upon the Linguistic Problem of the Maya Glyphs

By: John Frost (1800-1859)

Book cover Heroes and Hunters of the West Comprising Sketches and Adventures of Boone, Kenton, Brady, Logan, Whetzel, Fleehart, Hughes, Johnson, &c.

By: G. Holden (Godfrey Holden) Pike (1836-)

Book cover From Slave to College President Being the Life Story of Booker T. Washington

By: Vernon L. (Vernon Lyman) Kellogg (1867-1937)

Book cover Herbert Hoover The Man and His Work

By: Frances Wilson Huard (1885-)

Book cover With Those Who Wait

By: C. C. (Christopher Columbus) Andrews (1829-1922)

Book cover Minnesota and Dacotah

By: Edward Lucas White (1866-1934)

Book cover The Unwilling Vestal

By: Benson John Lossing (1813-1891)

Book cover Washington and the American Republic, Vol. 3.

By: William F. Kirby (1817-1906)

Book cover The Golden Dog

By: T. S. (Thomas Suter) Ackland (1817-1892)

Book cover Story of Creation as Told By Theology and By Science

By: Karl Philipp Moritz (1757-1793)

Book cover Travels in England in 1782

By: Charles Franklin Carter

Book cover Old Mission Stories of California

By: Pierre Esprit Radisson (1636-1710)

Book cover Voyages of Peter Esprit Radisson

By: Robert Lansing (1864-1928)

Book cover The Peace Negotiations A Personal Narrative

By: Kate Drumgoold

Book cover A Slave Girl's Story Being an Autobiography of Kate Drumgoold.

By: Alex. St. Clair (Alexander St. Clair) Abrams

Book cover The Trials of the Soldier's Wife A Tale of the Second American Revolution

By: William Wallace Tooker (1848-1917)

Book cover John Eliot's First Indian Teacher and Interpreter Cockenoe-de-Long Island and The Story of His Career from the Early Records

By: Marie Hay (1873-1938)

Book cover A German Pompadour Being the Extraordinary History of Wilhelmine van Grävenitz, Landhofmeisterin of Wirtemberg

By: Murray Gilchrist (1868-1917)

Book cover The Dukeries

By: Prosper-Olivier Lissagary (1838-1901)

Book cover History of the Commune of 1871

By: Stephen Graham (1884-1975)

Book cover Europe—Whither Bound? Being Letters of Travel from the Capitals of Europe in the Year 1921

By: John Clark Ridpath (1840-1900)

Book cover James Otis, the pre-revolutionist

By: Caroline Clifford Newton (-1936)

Book cover Once Upon a Time in Connecticut

By: D. G. (David George) Hogarth (1862-1927)

Book cover The Ancient East

By: Charles Thomas Cruttwell (1847-1911)

Book cover The History of Roman Literature From the earliest period to the death of Marcus Aurelius

By: A. Woodward

Book cover A Review of Uncle Tom's Cabin or, An Essay on Slavery

By: Keith Henderson (1883-1982)

Book cover Letters to Helen Impressions of an Artist on the Western Front

By: Louisa Stuart Costello (1799-1870)

Book cover Béarn and the Pyrenees A Legendary Tour to the Country of Henri Quatre

By: John Austin Stevens (1827-1910)

Book cover Albert Gallatin American Statesmen Series, Vol. XIII

By: William Gunion Rutherford (1853-1907)

Book cover Story of Garfield

A short biography of the 20th U.S. President. Garfield was raised in humble circumstances on an Ohio farm by his widowed mother and elder brother. Before he was elected president in the Republican party he was first elected to Congress in 1862 as Representative of the 19th District of Ohio. Then to the Senate in 1880. His presidency lasted just 200 days—from March 4, 1881, until his death on September 19, 1881, as a result of being shot by assassin Charles J. Guiteau on July 2, 1881.

By: C. G. (Charles Gilbert) Hine (1859-1931)

Book cover The New York and Albany Post Road From Kings Bridge

By: G. B. (George Brenton) Laurie (1867-1915)

Book cover Letters of Lt.-Col. George Brenton Laurie (commanding 1st Battn. Royal Irish Rifles) Dated November 4th, 1914-March 11th, 1915

By: Pleasant A. Stovall (1857-1935)

Book cover Robert Toombs Statesman, Speaker, Soldier, Sage

By: James Meade Adams (1861-)

Book cover Pioneering in Cuba A Narrative of the Settlement of La Gloria, the First American Colony in Cuba, and the Early Experiences of the Pioneers

By: Edward Robins (1862-1943)

Book cover Chasing an Iron Horse Or, A Boy's Adventures in the Civil War

By: John Jay Chapman (1862-1933)

Book cover The Treason and Death of Benedict Arnold A Play for a Greek Theatre

By: John Pinkerton (1758-1826)

Book cover Early Australian Voyages: Pelsart, Tasman, Dampier

By: Philip [Editor] Nichols

Book cover Sir Francis Drake Revived

By: Walter Lynwood Fleming (1874-1932)

Book cover The Sequel of Appomattox : a chronicle of the reunion of the states

By: Frank Jardine (1841-1919)

Book cover Narrative of the Overland Expedition of the Messrs. Jardine from Rockhampton to Cape York, Northern Queensland

By: Cyrus G. (Cyrus Guernsey) Pringle (1838-1911)

Book cover The Record of a Quaker Conscience, Cyrus Pringle's Diary With an Introduction by Rufus M. Jones

By: John Denvir (1843-1916)

Book cover The Life Story of an Old Rebel

By: R. Hugh (Reginald Hugh) Knyvett (-1918)

Book cover "Over There" with the Australians

By: Wilhelm Alfred Braun (1873-)

Book cover Types of Weltschmerz in German Poetry

By: Preserved Smith (1880-1941)

Book cover The Age of the Reformation

By: Charles Hersey

Book cover Reminiscences of the Military Life and Sufferings of Col. Timothy Bigelow, Commander of the Fifteenth Regiment of the Massachusetts Line in the Continental Army, during the War of the Revolution

By: Susannah Watts (1768-1842)

Book cover A Walk through Leicester being a Guide to Strangers

By: Stapleton Martin (1846-1922)

Book cover Anna Seward and Classic Lichfield

By: Francis Edward Younghusband (1863-1942)

Book cover The Heart of Nature or, The Quest for Natural Beauty

By: Frederic C. Curry

Book cover From the St. Lawrence to the Yser with the 1st Canadian brigade

By: Kirsopp Lake (1872-1946)

Book cover Landmarks in the History of Early Christianity

By: William Gannaway Brownlow (1805-1877)

Book cover Americanism Contrasted with Foreignism, Romanism, and Bogus Democracy in the Light of Reason, History, and Scripture; In which Certain Demagogues in Tennessee, and Elsewhere, are Shown Up in Their True Colors

By: Herbert Hayens

Book cover At the Point of the Sword

By: Robert Heywood (1786-1868)

Book cover A Journey in Russia in 1858

By: Joel Tyler Headley (1813-1897)

Book cover The Great Riots of New York, 1712 to 1873

By: Robert Heywood (1786-1868)

Book cover A Journey to America in 1834

By: Herbert Hayens

Book cover My Sword's My Fortune A Story of Old France

By: John A. Carpenter

Book cover The Star-Spangled Banner

By: Howard Trueman (1837-1908)

Book cover The Chignecto Isthmus and its first settlers

By: Robert Joseph Kerner (1887-1956)

Book cover The Russian Revolution; the Jugo-Slav Movement

By: Stéphane Lauzanne (1874-)

Book cover Fighting France

By: George T. (George Thomas) Stevens (1832-1921)

Book cover Three Years in the Sixth Corps A Concise Narrative of Events in the Army of the Potomac, from 1861 to the Close of the Rebellion, April, 1865

By: J. (John) Wilkinson (1821-1891)

Book cover The Narrative of a Blockade-Runner

By: R. A. (Rolfe Arnold) Scott-James (1878-)

Book cover Personality in Literature

By: James Roxburgh McClymont

Book cover Essays on early ornithology and kindred subjects

By: O. W. (Oscar William) Coursey (1873-)

The Woman with a Stone Heart A Romance of the Philippine War by O. W. (Oscar William) Coursey The Woman with a Stone Heart A Romance of the Philippine War

By: Edward P. Lowry

Book cover With the Guards' Brigade from Bloemfontein to Koomati Poort and Back

By: Thomas Proctor Hughes (1905-)

Book cover Medicine in Virginia, 1607-1699

By: Louis Keene

Book cover "Crumps", The Plain Story of a Canadian Who Went

By: Lawrence Echard (1670?-1730)

Book cover Prefaces to Terence's Comedies and Plautus's Comedies (1694)

By: William Hunt (1842-1931)

Book cover The Political History of England - Vol. X. The History of England from the Accession of George III to the close of Pitt's first Administration

By: Evans, A. J. (1889-1960)

The Escaping Club by Evans, A. J. The Escaping Club

Described by some as one of the greatest escape books published. The Escaping Club recounts Evans' escape to Switzerland from a supposedly "escape-proof" German prison camp during World War I. After repatriation and rejoining the war, Evans again finds himself captured, this time first by Arabs and then by Turks. He again manages to escape. A detailed look at the trials faced by Allied POWs during World War I.

By: George Otto Trevelyan (1838-1928)

Book cover Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay

By: Solon J. (Solon Justus) Buck (1884-1962)

Book cover The Agrarian Crusade; a chronicle of the farmer in politics

By: Zoeth Skinner Eldredge (1846-1915)

Book cover The March of Portola and the Discovery of the Bay of San Francisco

By: University of Oxford. Faculty of Modern History

Book cover Why We Are at War (2nd Edition, revised)

By: François Hotman (1524-1590)

Book cover Franco-Gallia Or, An Account of the Ancient Free State of France, and Most Other Parts of Europe, Before the Loss of Their Liberties

By: Andrew F. Crosse

Book cover Round About the Carpathians

By: John Hughes (1790-1857)

Book cover Itinerary of Provence and the Rhone Made During the Year 1819

By: Ebenezer Cooke (1667?-1732?)

Book cover The Sot-weed Factor: or, A Voyage to Maryland. A Satyr.In which is Describ'd The Laws, Government, Courts and Constitutions of the Country

By: Sarah Ellen Blackwell (1828-)

Book cover A Military Genius Life of Anna Ella Carroll of Maryland

By: C. Bryson Taylor (1880-)

Book cover Nicanor - Teller of Tales A Story of Roman Britain

By: Harold W. (Harold Williams) Picton (1867-)

Book cover The Better Germany in War Time Being some Facts towards Fellowship

By: Martin I. J. (Martin Ignatius Joseph) Griffin (1842-1911)

Book cover The Story of Commodore John Barry

By: George Davidson

Book cover The Incomparable 29th and the "River Clyde"

By: Richard Lee Mason (-1824)

Book cover Narrative of Richard Lee Mason in the Pioneer West, 1819

By: G. F. Davidson

Book cover Trade and Travel in the Far East or Recollections of twenty-one years passed in Java, Singapore, Australia and China.

By: John Mason Peck (1789-1858)

Book cover A New Guide for Emigrants to the West

By: J. J. Smith

Book cover In Eastern Seas Or, the Commission of H.M.S. 'Iron Duke,' flag-ship in China, 1878-83

By: William Dunlap (1766-1839)

Book cover André

By: Frederick Douglas How (1853-)

Book cover Oxford

By: Kathleen Burke (1887-1958)

Book cover The White Road to Verdun

By: Helen Nicolay (1866-1954)

Book cover Boys' Life of Abraham Lincoln

The Boys’ Life of Abraham Lincoln is a biography with many anecdotes that takes one deeper into the thoughts, personality, and beliefs of the man that was Lincoln. While the title indicates the book is about Lincoln’s life as a boy, the book is a full, if somewhat shortened biography. It is very well written and was a joy to record. One might ask, "Who was Helen Nicolay?" Her father, John George Nicolay, was Abraham Lincoln's private secretary and doubtless much of the material comes from his complete biography of Abraham Lincoln. (

By: Augustus J. Thebaud (1807-1885)

Book cover Irish Race in the Past and the Present

By: Benjamin Franklin Schappelle (1885-)

Book cover The German Element in Brazil Colonies and Dialect

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