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Notes and Queries, Number 23, April 6, 1850   By:

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"When found, make a note of." CAPTAIN CUTTLE.

No. 23.] SATURDAY, APRIL 6. 1850. [Price Threepence. Stamped Edition 4d.



NOTES: Page Periplus of Hanno, by R.T. Hampson 361 Pope Vindicated 362 The Supper of the Lorde 362 Folk Lore: Palm Sunday Wind Curious Symbolical Custom The Wild Huntsman 363 On Authors and Books, No. VI, by Bolton Corney 363

QUERIES: Nicholas Breton's Crossing of Proverbs, by J.P. Collier 364 Sword called Curtana, by E.F. Rimbault, LL.D. 364 Is the Dombec the Domesday of Alfred? by George Munford 365 Minor Queries: Wickliffite Versions of the Scriptures Gloves Law Courts at St. Alban's Milton Pedigree Sapcote Motto Scala Coeli, &c. 366

REPLIES: The Arabic Numerals and Cipher 367 Replies to Minor Queries, by Sir W.C. Trevelyan 368 Derivation of "News" 369 Replies to Minor Queries: Swot Pokership Vox Populi Living Dog better than dead Lion Curious Monumental Brasses Chapels Forthlot Loscop Smelling of the Lamp Anglo Saxon MS. of Orosius Golden Frog Sword of Charles I. John Bull Vertue MSS. Lines attributed to Tom Brown, &c. 369

MISCELLANIES: Epigram by La Monnoye Spur Money Minimum de Malls Epigram on Louis XIV. Macaulay's Young Levite St. Martin's Lane Charles Deering, M.D. 373

MISCELLANEOUS: Notes on Books, Sales, Catalogues, &c. 375 Books and Odd Volumes wanted 375 Notices to Correspondents 375 Advertisements 376


I am not sufficiently Quixotic to attempt a defence of the Carthaginians on the western coast of Africa, or any where else, but I submit that the accusation brought against them by Mr. S. Bannister, formerly Attorney General of New South Wales, is not sustained by the only record we possess of Hanno's colonising expedition. That gentleman, in his learned Records of British Enterprise beyond Sea , just published, says, in a note, p. xlvii.:

"The first nomade tribe they reached was friendly, and furnished Hanno with interpreters . At length they discovered a nation whose language was unknown to the interpreters . These strangers they attempted to seize; and, upon their resistance, they took three of the women, whom they put to death, and carried their skins to Carthage" ( Geogr. Græci Minores , Paris, 1826, p. 115.).

Hanno obtained interpreters from a people who dwelt on the banks of a large river, called the Lixus, and supposed to be the modern St. Cyprian. Having sailed thence for several days, and touched at different places, planting a colony in one of them, he came to a mountainous country inhabited by savages, who wore skins of wild beasts, [Greek: dermata thaereia enaemmenon]. At a distance of twelve days' sail he came to some Ethiopians, who could not endure the Carthaginians, and who spoke unintelligibly even to the Lixite interpreters. These are the people whose women, Mr. Bannister says, they killed. Hanno sailed from this inhospitable coast fifteen days, and came to a gulf which he calls [Greek: Notou Kera], or South Horn.

"Here," says the Dr. Hawkesworth, of Carthage, "in the gulf, was an island, like the former, containing a lake, and in this another island, full of wild men; but the women were much more numerous, with hairy bodies ([Greek: daseiai tois somasin]), whom the interpreters called [Greek: gorillas]. We pursued the men, who, flying to precipices, defended themselves with stones, and could not be taken. Three women, who bit and scratched their leaders, would not follow them. Having killed them, we brought their skins to Carthage."

He does not so much as intimate that the creatures who so defended themselves with stones, or those whose bodies were covered with hair, spoke any language... Continue reading book >>

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