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Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 101, August 22, 1891   By:

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VOL. 101.

August 22, 1891.



SCENE On the Coach from Braine l'Alleud to Waterloo. The vehicle has a Belgian driver, but the conductor is a true born Briton. Mr. CYRUS K. TROTTER and his daughter are behind with PODBURY. CULCHARD, who is not as yet sufficiently on speaking terms with his friend to ask for an introduction, is on the box seat in front.

Mr. Trotter . How are you getting along, MAUD? Your seat pretty comfortable?

Miss Trotter . Well, I guess it would be about as luxurious if it hadn't got a chunk of wood nailed down the middle it's not going to have anyone confusing it with a bed of roses just yet. ( To PODB. ) Your friend mad about anything? He don't seem to open his head more'n he's obliged to. I presume he don't approve of your taking up with me and Father he keeps away from us considerable, I notice.

Podb. ( awkwardly ). Oh er I wouldn't say that, but he's a queer kind of chap rather, takes prejudices into his head and all that. I wouldn't trouble about him if I were you not worth it, y' know.

Miss T. Thanks but it isn't going to shorten my existence any.

[ CULCH. overhears all this, with feelings that may be imagined.

Belgian Driver ( to his horses ). Pullep! Allez vîte! Bom bom bom! Alright!

Conductor ( to CULCHARD ). 'E's very proud of 'is English, 'e is. 'Ere, JEWLS, ole feller, show the gen'lm'n 'ow yer can do a swear. ( Belgian Driver utters a string of English imprecations with the utmost fluency and good nature. ) 'Ark at 'im now! Bust my frogs! ( Admiringly, and not without a sense of the appropriateness of the phrase. ) But he's a caution, Sir, ain't he? I taught him most o' what he knows!

A French Passenger ( to Conductor ). Dis done, mon ami, est ce qu'on peut voir d'ici le champ de bataille?

Conductor ( with proper pride ). It ain't no use your torkin to me , Mossoo; I don't speak no French myself. ( To CULCHARD. ) See that field there, Sir?

Culchard ( interested ). On the right? Yes, what happened there ?

[Illustration: "Leesten, I dell you vonce more."]

Cond. Fine lot o' rabbits inside o' there big fat 'uns. ( To another Passenger .) No, Sir, that ain't Belly Lions as you see from 'ere; that's Mon Sin Jeean, and over there Oogymong, and Chalyroy to the left.


CULCHARD, who has purchased a map in the Waterloo Museum as a means of approaching Miss TROTTER, is pounced upon by an elderly Belgian Guide in a blue blouse, from whom he finds it difficult to escape.

The Guide ( fixing CULCHARD with a pair of rheumy eyes and a gnarled forefinger ). You see vere is dat schmall voodt near de vite 'ouse? not dere, along my shdeek so. Dat is vare PEECTON vas kill, Inglis Officer, PEECTON. Two days pefore he vas voundet in de ahum. 'E say to his sairvan', "You dell ennipoddies, I keel you!" He vandt to pe in ze bataille: he vas in ze bataille seven lance troo im, seven; PEECTON, Inglis Officer. ( CULCHARD nods his head miserably. ) Hah, you 'ave de shart dere open 'im out vide, dat de odder shentilmans see. ( CULCHARD obeys, spell bound. ) Vare you see dat blue gross, Vaterloo Shirshe, vere Loart UXBREEDGE lose 'is laig. Zey cot 'im off and pury him in ze cott yardt, and a villow grow oudt of 'im. 'E com 'ere to see the villow growing oudt of his laig.

Culch. ( abandoning his map, and edging towards Miss TROTTER ). Hem we are gazing upon one of the landmarks of our national history Miss TROTTER.

Miss T. That's a vurry interesting re mark. I presume you must have studied up some for a reflection of that kind. Mr. PODBURY, your friend has been telling me [ She repeats CULCHARD's remark.

Podb. ( with interest ). Got any more of those, old fellow?

[ CULCHARD moves away with disgusted hauteur.

The Guide ( re capturing him ). Along dat gross vay, VELLAINTON meet BLUSHAIR. Prussian général, BLUSHAIR, VELLAINTON 'e com hier... Continue reading book >>

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